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Tire Question - To Plug or to seal?


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I apologize if this is in the wrong discussion group....


After a mere 800 miles on my new set of tires, I picked up a thin wire staple right in the center of the tread on my rear tire bncry.gif. It's losing air at a rate of about 3 lbs a day.


What is my best option for repairing this? I hate the thought of plugging it because I'll be creating a bigger hole in my tire. A friend reccomended Slime but I can't find any locally so would have to order it.


Your thoughts?

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Same thing just happened to me and I had the same concerns since the staple went in at an angle and all I had were those mushroom type plugs. Went to Shucks Auto Supply and purchased one of those tire repair kits in a can. I deflated the tire to 20 PSI and then installed the entire can and then spun the tire up on the center stand in second gear to spead the contents evenly. I then topped off the tire to 42 PSI and took a short ride. 200 miles since the repair and no pressure loss.


Warning - the can does say not for motorcycle tires or z rated tires. My reasoning was that since it was such a small hole there wasn't much if any damage to the casing. Directions also say not to use if you have tire pressure sensors.

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"What is my best option for repairing this? I hate the thought of plugging it because I'll be creating a bigger hole in my tire."


Here's a way to plug it without incresing the hole size. Most plugs require you to ream the hole first--but not this one. Get Dynaplug. It will plug your small hole very effectively and you'll get the remaining 9,200 miles out of your tire. www.dynaplug.com

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I wouldn't use sealant in a can for anything other than a temporary emergency repair (i.e. to get me to the closest repair opportunity), and given the mess it makes not even that if I could avoid it.


There are external repair methods that will minimize further damage to the tire, or the best method would be to pull the tire and using an inside patch which eliminates the problem entirely.

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I picked up a drywall screw last week in my rear tire with about 1k mileage on the tire. I discovered it while on Grandfather Mountain. It appeared straight in and no apparent air loss. I rode it to Mount Mitchell and checked it again. head was wearing down but, air pressure holding. I rode it another 60 miles to Acme Motorcycles in Fairview, NC. The guys there are very professional and did a vulcanized plug/patch repair. It's been another 2k since then without issue. I don't do roadside flat repair if I can escape it. I recommend internal repairs for best results. Granted, mine held air until I arrived at a tire shop.

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