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Kenwood 3101 channels =<5 tone


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I just purchased two used Kenwood 3101 radios off of Ebay. They seem to work fine. Maybe this is a dumb question: Both radios emit a loud, constant tone when switched to channels 5 or greater. No change when I press the transmit button. Is that right? dopeslap.gif


I should mention that I purchased two batteries (non-OEM). They work quite well although the fit is very tight.


Comments please.



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i to just purchased a couple of 3101 of ebay but dont have that problem. the tone could mean that the channels have not been programmed that way you dont sit there an try transmitting not knowing the channel was not programmed. all my channels work correctly battery shouldnt be the problem otherwise you would have the same problem on all channels.

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It does sound like the upper channels are not programmed. It is interesting in that this radio is sold as a pre-programmed FRS/GMRS unit - I can't imagine why someone would reprogram the unit with empty channels. There are programming cables and software available to change frequencies for the 3101.


If you think you will need the full range of frequencies you can take it by a radio shop that services Kenwood and have them add the frequencies back in.



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