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Adding Bluetooth to Autocom


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Just saw this item


and was wonderintg if anyone has used it or something similar. It is used for plugging into a non-bluetooth phone and I am wondering if you can go backwards? Plug this into an autocom to have a bluetooth phone connect in. Sure would be cheaper than what Autocom is selling. If this is a truly stupid thought I do appologize...my teeth are all white so I know not of what I say! grin.gif

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John Bentall

There are several devices out on the market that will do this. I have one (a Sony Ericsson HBH-200) and it works very well.

All these devices require power from internal or rechargeable batteries. NONE of them will match Autocom-designed bluetooth device and power itself from the main Autocom unit.

You pay your money and take your choice.

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I bought the autocom bluetooth unit, it can't be much more expensive than the unit you're looking at and mine has worked flawlessly, my only complaint is I cannot screen calls when I'm on the bike

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