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Frustrating Day


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I didn't sleep much last night as I forgot to refill my sleep meds., despite how busy the day before had been. That didn't help me with my patience/frustration levels today.


Cameron's not good at sitting in one place for a long time unless the activity has him captivated. Well, that meant he moved from place to place all day. That is except when we went to get his chest xrays and then go to our family dr. to get the results regarding his pneumonia, which, by the way, is still hanging around a little. It took an hour at the lab, an hour in the wheelchair, that is. That was a very long and painful hour for him. Then we climbed back into the truck (the neighbors were away in their van so we weren't able to borrow it), and went to the dr. office for another half hour wait. He was miserable.


Getting home, he resumed his "musical chairs"; from the study to the couch, to the recliner, to the bed, etc. Each move required moving his laptop and all of the extra goodies he's been utilizing. It got old really fast. He tried switching without me, but I usually heard him and found him in a sea of cables and trying to move himself and everything with it.


This level of activity increased a the day went on as his restless legs acted up badly. That makes it even more miserable to be confined in one place so there were more moves. All the while, I'm trying to help as much as I can to avoid any more stress on his leg, and he's trying to be more independent so I don't have to mess with all the moving of him and his stuff. Talk about a circus!


One saving grace this evening: the walker our nurse ordered for us was delivered. We haven't played around with how we'll use it yet, figured it was best experimented with when both of us were rested. We already had to call our neighbor to help pick him up this afternoon, when the wheelchair wasn't locked all the way, and it slid out from under him during one of his independent moves. Hopefully, the walker will help us avoid such accidents by giving him something stable to hang on to when he pivots over to the new location.


Well, speaking of sleep, or lack of, I need to try to get some. I have my meds now so should be off to dreamland quickly. I still get up every 2-4 hours to give him his medication, but am able to get right back to sleep. Good night!

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