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05 RT problems.

DR  Major

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For a friend..


"Today my bike turned 18000 miles. Running really well. on the way home after a ride this pm, I stopped at the Food Lion to pick up a few items. When I tried to start the bike, it backfired, kinda coughed and began to idle really rough. It sounds like a Harley, the low sound seems to be coming from the right cylinder head...it runs rough and surges when I give it gas."


Any thoughts of what this might be???



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Ignition coil would be my guess.


Now, that might be because I just had one go bad, and the symptoms were real similar, or it might be because I'm right.


He can try pulling the secondary coil off one side at a time and seeing if the bike stops running, but beware this didn't work for mine, it kept running and didn't change. My coil was acting up mostly at higher RPM.

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I am guessing that the throttle body popped out of the rubber goody, creating a massive air leak on one side. The backfire is the give away clue. Pressure in the intake is not part of the design. Easy to fix. Just make sure you get the "O" ring back in correctly. Good Luck!

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That's a pretty good guess right there.


My GS backfired as I blipped a 3-2 downshift once and it did exactly what's described.


Is it too late to change my guess?

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