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Building the perfect tool kit


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Well, On another post I saw some talk about the lack of a tool kit on the new Hex Head bikes.


I noticed the joke of a tool kit on my '07 RT.


Here is the question. What is in the perfect tool kit for these bikes. Please keep in mind I want it to fit under the seat next to my tire plug kit. So it must be compact. What do you suggest?

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And a membership with good towing service....... thumbsup.gif


I just carry minimal stuff as I'm not inclined to do roadside work anyway..And what can you do on these new bikes?..Good tire patch kit with extra valve cores and a plug in electric air pump ( Slime Here )....Leatherman, Torx to be able to take off fairings (comes with the "kit")...Cheap hand pump syphon system for gas transfer from Kragen...a selection of tapes and Gorilla glue or the like.....Small flashlight...A spark plug socket (Snap-On #S9706KA fits)..And most important, 4 frame loops so that your friendly tow truck driver can secure your bike without Canyon Dancers off the handlebars..... A no-no.........Look Here for frame loops for use off the down tubes and rear someplace...




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Jim VonBaden
Some have asked for a complete list of my tools in the kit I have displayed online a few times, so here it is


This is the bare minimum kit you should have. It is marked by asterisks on the list!




Here it is in the pouches.




This is what it looks like rolled up.




Here is what I carry, it represents everything on my list. I have some tools not specific to the R1200GS so that I can help anyone else if they need it.




And here it is in my Jesse bag. As you can see it takes up about 1/3rd of the bag, and fits in nicely!


Here is the complete list of the tools I carry!


Tool list for the R1200GS


Full Kit:


§ Vice Grips 8”

§ 4-way combination screwdriver *

§ 3” needle nose pliers *

§ 3” side cutters *

§ 10mm combination wrench

§ 13mm combination wrench

§ 2 tire spoons 9”

§ Set of metric feeler gauges

§ .006” (.152mm) and .012” (.305mm) feeler gauges *

§ Locking knife with 4” serrated blade

§ Flashlight (extra batteries)

§ Motolight lens removal tool

§ 8*, 9, 10*, 11*, 12*, 13*, 14, 15, 16, 17mm open end wrench set

§ Torx wrench set T8, 10, 15, 20*, 25*, 27*, 30*, 40*, 45*, 50*, 55* socket set

§ Allen wrench set 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, sockets, StandardAllen wrenches 2.5mm, 3mm*, 4mm*, 5mm*, 6mm*, 8mm*, 10mm

§ 3/8” drive ratchet *

§ ¼” ratchet *

§ Extensions 3/8” 3” and 6” *, ¼” 2.5” and 6” extensions

§ Sockets 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, 10mm deep, 13mm, 14mm, 17mm, spark plug socket *, 22mm front wheel socket/Allen *

§ Dental Pic set

§ Spark Plug gap tool

§ Oil filter wrench

§ Tire pressure gauge *

§ Spark plug wire remover

§ Leatherman

§ Tire plug kit (string) *

§ Compressor *

§ Extending mirror

§ Small standard screwdriver

§ Oil Cap tool *




§ Spare fuel hose clamps

§ Spare fuel hose splice

§ Assorted nuts and bolts

§ Assorted wire and connectors

§ Digital volt/ohm meter

§ Zip ties assorted

§ Electrical wire assorted sizes and lengths

§ Fuses

§ Lighter

§ Electrical tape

§ Stainless safety wire

§ Duct tape


* Indicates minimum tools for small kit.



I'm pretty confident the smaller version, in bold and in the small tool roll, will fit in your bike.


Jim cool.gif

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