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Loose throttle feel


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I hope someone can give me some insight before I start taking the bike apart (2004 RT with 24000 miles). Recently on a ride, when I twisted the throttle to a certain point, everything is running fine, but if I twist to get more juice, when I reach a certain point (about 1/2 to 3/4 of the twist), I feel the throttle reach a point of slight resistance, then all of a sudden it "gives" and feels really slick/loose, offering very little resistance. At that point, the bike feels (vibration from the motor) and sounds like it is only running on one cylinder and is quite sensitive to throttle input, making it difficult to hold a steady speed. After opening and closing the throttle a few time, it is back to feeling normal, the vibration and sound goes away and everything runs as it should. What's your take on this?

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You may have picked up a small stone on one of the throttle body pullies on one of the injector bodies. This will throw one unit out of synch with the other from the point that the cable contacts the debris.


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