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glug or gluck


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You know how 1 Q always to another-

2nd Q first:


99 1100RT. After a sufficient ride, all warmed up, when you shut it off, do you too hear that gurgle? Is it a glug, glug or gluck, gluck? The sound from oil draining out of it's cooler and back down into the engine. I think this is typical.


The other Q: If it is draining down, what's replacing it? Air? Looking at the lil oil window, it shows no signs of mixing with air. No appearance of foaming, frothing ...


Should air be up in the cooler? The bike has gone down on it's side a couple of times, never while the engine was running though(hot asphalt, broken stand). Wouldn't that reduce cooling efficiency? I know it heats up a little faster than it did in it's first year. Sometimes it reaches the 6th bar, eek.gif, in urban traffic, air temps >8O. I know it's nothing to even blink at, but I like 5 bars better.


The Q, should I bother trying to burp the air out of the system. I'm thinking about disconnecting a hose at the Oil cooler, replacing any air by adding oil. Is this worth the time.



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I've never heard any glugging noises from my RT but yes the oil is supposed to drain from the cooler and is replaced by air (what else could replace it?) The crank case is full of air - why would you expect it to foam from the cooler?


Have you checked to make sure the oil cooler is not covered in bugs or grim? That would make it less efficient but it would probably still cool effectively. As you say going to 6 bars is nothing to even think about, don't worry about it.

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The oil will drain back down to the sump. On start up and while running, the oil pump will psh the oil around the system and any air will be displaced. No need to bleed it through.

I can't say I have ever heard any noises from my 1150 though????


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As stated by others, nothing to worry about.

And no, you're not crazy. My '99 would also sometimes gurgle after shutdown.

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