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Best radar detector mount


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I ride an '06 RT, and want to mount a radar detector (I currently use a Valentine, in my car). There seems to be many different methods of doing this, judging from my web search: shelfs; RAM ball mounts; windshield mounts; mounts that screw into unused rear view mirror holes; etc. etc. Has anyone reached a conclusion about the best and worst methods? Anything I need to know about plugging the detector in: can I just use the socket on the left side of the fairing? Is there a good way to avoid having to unplug and store the detector, every time I park the bike?

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I have a BMR co-pilot on my 1150RT with the V1 security mount and I like it. Sturdy and secure.


NOte: I am 6-2, longish torso - even with the shelf "tweaked" I cannot see the top of my speedo or tach, especially 2 up (I sit back a little more by myself and can see a little better). I can't read the 60,70, or 80 mph numbers. I know the speed due to needle position (and GPS readout), and I know the RPM by the seat of my pants, but if it will bug you, try one out first.


I also found that a modification was needed to move the V1 closer to the bike centerline to avoid interference with my Cee Bailey's screen when it's laid all the way back. This was possible because my GPS is small - if you have a wide GPS you might not be able to change anything. I just drilled two new holes and used stainless screws w/ nylock nuts to secure the V1 mount and all is good - I like to lay that screen back when it's hot.


All in all, I think it's much more stable than the RCU shelf and it mounts up easy. Keep in mind this pertains to the 1150 version, not the one for your 1200 but it would be a good place to start looking.



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We all think ours is the best. And for me the Ztechnik worked the best for me.


They put the info where I can see it while not blocking gauges and mirrors.


The Valentine is attached with 3m dual lock and it is easy and cheap insurance to pop it off at stops and slide it into my pocket or top box.

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I have been running detectors on bikes since 1986, and have tried many mounting systems, including home-made solutions. The one I like best so far is the RAM magnetic mount. I use it on a V1 and am very happy. Easy to remove the V1, yet it is held quite securely.

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This thread: http://bmwsporttouring.com/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/835925/page/0/fpart/1/vc/1


Demonstrates a Migsel dash mounting system, with a Valentine and a gps mounted. I've now got thousands of miles on the setup and it's been rock solid. I even learned how to use the gps.


Someone else mentioned 3M Dual Lock, which you can get from the Aerostich guys, or other sources, for a lot of money. It's miles ahead of industrial velcro. TARGET carries it for a few bucks for a lifetime supply. Ask where the velcro is, it'll be hanging right there. If you ask for "3M Dual Lock" they'll send you to the far end of the store to get rid of you.

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