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Additional lighting


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I am fitting additional lighting to my R1150RT-P.


I have run wires, fitted relays and used many zip ties. I want to operate the lights via an additional switch only when high beam is activated (Australian road rules requirement).


So where do I tap into the high beam circuit? Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Thanks in advance



Melbourne Australia

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Probably one of the easiest places is to use a scotchlok style of connector and break into the headlight connector on the bike side(as opposed to the headlight side) of the connector. You will then be taking a parallel supply to feed your relay. Make sure it is the main beam feed and not the dip beam. On the standard 1150RT, the colour codeing of the lighting loom goes a little wayward at this connector! The connector is located on the fairing subframe near to screen adjust relays and motor (to their righthand side).


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Thanks Andy.


I have had a look in that loction and assuming (subject to testing) that the "white" wire is for the high beam I can jump into it at or near the plug.


Time to get the multimeter out and do some investigation.




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