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Painful Ribs


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I awoke a little late this morning to the smell of fresh-brewed coffee. That wouldn't normally be unusual in a household, but I don't think Cameron can reach everything necessary to brew a pot on his own. That could only mean that we had guests.


Our good friends, Lewis and Christine, (Lewis was the one who was over on Friday) had said they would be visiting Sunday morning so I assumed it was them. After quickly dressing, I went to the livingroom and was greeted by three friendly faces (actually 4 if you count the dog!). Cameron was in a great mood and was animatedly discussing something with Lewis. It was sooo good to see that. It was like the accident hadn't happened-we discussed the podcast and plans for future shows-they have been involved in the podcast since its creation, about a year ago. Cameron and Lewis recorded some audio for a new show, the show hadn't changed since before the accident and was long overdue.


As was the case yesterday, the vicodin still leaves him a little cloudy, but today, the meds didn't help his upper chest as well. His ribs hurt a lot most of the day, perhaps he over did it yesterday or slept in a bad position. It made him stop in the middle of his work many times to try to rest, but he couldn't get comfortable. He got pretty frustrated at times, it hurt so much. I guess 2 steps forward and 1 step back isn't too bad. The advances are so exciting that when there's a backslide, it's a real let down. He did keep his spirits positive, though, and had a really good and productive day. I'm very proud of him. clap.gif

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Yay! You're going to have to get your own screen name once Cameron starts back on typing again. I've been enjoying your updates. thumbsup.gif

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Stan Walker

Glad to hear Cameron is doing so well.


I just returned a few days ago from a 13 day, 6300 mile motorcycle trip. It was partly business (2 days of meetings in MD), partly just for the fun of it.


I thought about you and Cameron many times on the trip. In particular when ever I got a little tired or started to push my riding time into extra hours. My last day was to be a very long day starting with a 3.5 mile hike and ending with a 700 mile sprint for home. I was tired, it was hot and windy, and in the end I bailed out halfway home, called both my bosses (Jan first), and extended my trip for another day. So maybe Cameron's incident saved me from a similar fate to his own. Thanks Cameron!


I also thought about you two while riding between Ft. Collins and Steamboat Springs on Colorado 14. It runs over Cameron Pass at 10,276 feet. This picture is taken just a little east of the pass looking up at the Diamond Peaks. A very pretty place as you can see.




Keep up the good work.



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