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K12GT initial impressions


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I’ve owned a ’07 K 1200 GT for a month now. I have about 2100 miles on it so far. I’ve done a couple of 400 mile days and the rest has been more like 75 to 125 mile rides plus some short hops. My prior bike was an ’04 Honda ST 1300 ABS.


My GT has the tall BMW screen and the ’07 BMW seat in the low position. I’m 5’9” and 165 lbs. The bars are in the highest position (bike was delivered that way and I have not changed it).


I wondered about the seat at first but am now liking it just fine. There is room enough to move around on it and the typical riding position is really very good. I can flat foot this bike just fine (I could not quite do that on the Honda ST13) and the weight of the GT is carried lower than that of the Honda ST13. So, the OEM seat on the GT gets a thumbs up from me. Maybe a Sargent seat (I had one on my ST13 and liked it a lot) would be better but I don’t see any reason to change at this time.


The tall windscreen is fine for me. With it down I get plenty of air. With it up, the air flow goes over my helmet enough so that riding with my visor up is comfortable.


The engine is outstanding! Very smooth delivery of a lot of power. The throttle is smooth too (could not say that about my Honda ST13). The transmission on the Honda ST 1300 was outstanding but I think the tranny on the GT is just as good.


The brakes are also outstanding. Regardless of the BMW linked brake system, I still do use both the front and rear brakes as a matter of course. I don’t really see any reason to change that habit.


I’m lovin’ the cruise control on long freeway slabs. And the ESA really does make a difference in the ride characteristics of the bike. I rode two up with luggage at one point and was glad to have the ESA dialed in for that. Also, there is a really noticeable difference between the sport setting and the comfort setting. That ESA is for real.


I have been having to adjust to the handling of the GT as compared with the Honda ST 1300. They are very different. The GT is much quicker and there seems to be some oversteer. I have to be gentler with the hands in riding the GT through curves -- that’s for sure. The eyes do most of the work.


I’m really happy with the GT and look forward to getting yet more comfortable with it as I ride it more.


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As I approach 23K on my '06, I can tell you that it only gets better. I just completed an 8K-mile ride cross country and back, and I loved having the GT to do it. My last day was 1,200 miles in 19 hours, which also involved getting the rear tire changed in Lincoln, Nebraska. I still have the stock seat, and I probably won't be changing at this point. I do have a Cee Bailey's (+4+3) windshield which I found to be a HUGE improvement over the stock 'tall' shield.


For a peek at my cockpit, CLICK HERE.


Enjoy the ride, and stay safe.

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