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A ride through a lake...really;


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Okay according to the GPS we actually rode THROUGH a lake today.


I was scouting a club ride to Keystone Heights, Fl. When we got there, I turned in to a restaurant that used to be on a lake.


A little history here. My Aunt & Uncle had a cabin on Little Lake Brooklyn back in the 70's. We did a lot of water skiing there, & on Big Lake Brooklyn, which were connected by a small channel. Sadly, during the 80's, with a constant lack of rain, the lakes slowly dried up. By the early 90's, they were virtually gone. confused.gif


Well the state has been working to pump water, from other sources, back in to them. Today, we were there.


From the restaurant, I rode out back to where the water used to be. It was all still dry, so I asked the wife if she wanted to venture out in "the lake". She said sure.


It was very surreal, riding out into an area I had previously only covered by boat. After about a quarter mile, we came over a rise, & could see some water. Although, it was sad to see all the docks that were sitting in the sand above us.


This pic isn't very good, but if you look close, you can see the GPS shows us in the lake.



Here's a couple more pics from where we stopped. Mind you, back in the day, this lake was more than a mile wide, & about 2 1/2 miles long. Now, it's just a pond. On the right of this picture is where the channel was to the little lake.




In spite of a lack of water, & hundred degree heat, we had a good ride.


Anyone up for some BBQ on July 1st?

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Calvin  (no socks)

Are you sure that you haven't gotten stuck on another rock?

Power it out of there...


Serously, I have seen some of the lakes in Fla..... all grass... docks everywhere... no water...

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My favorite news story last week was about the fire that was burning IN Lake Okechobee. The lake is so far down that the lake's alligators now have nice sandy beaches to lounge around on.

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