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A Big Thank You


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I just want to give a big shout out and thank you to nicewife and wmazelin. They helped me while I was stuck, with yet another flat, on the East Grade of Palomar. Seems I am cursed lately with punctures, but this one was of my own making.


I recently had a rear flat on my KTM 950 and replaced the rear 18" tube with a 21 incher. This is a standard procedure. The 21 will get you home. And, it did. Tempting fate, I left the house this morning w/o replacing that tube with one of appropriate size. Oops. dopeslap.gif


Heeding a tell tall wiggle, while riding up the hill, I pulled over to inspect the rear tire. Yup. Flat. Damn!


I called a friend, to no avail. I then decided to flag down anybody that looked helpful. Heck, all I needed was a sidestand to pop the rear bead. Lo and behold, wmazelin and nicewife ride towards me. I flag them down, ask for assistance and they oblige.


I was hopeful I could get somebody to help. I was nearly positive two Beeemer riders would. Sure enough! The pair came to my rescue and now I'm home where I can say thanks.


I hope you two got the apple pie you wanted in Julian like you wanted. Thanks again. thumbsup.gif

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