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New 2007 Aprilia SL750 Shiver


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I should've included some of the specifics in the original post. This bike has a ride by wire system described as.....


The new SL750 has not been built for racing though; it is a pure street project with a big emphasis on torque. The RBW (ride by wire) system completely controls everything from the delivery of torque down to the air mixture. Traditionally, the ECU would only control injection and ignition. When opening the throttle fully the system will provide all torque available at the given engine speed without delay. The Aprilia engineers told us that the double engine mapping system on the Shiver allows for several different engine mappings to be loaded onto the ECU. Aprilia SL750 is, in other words, ready for handlebar operated change of engine modes similar to what we find on the K7 Suzuki GSX-R1000. Aprilia mentioned sport, normal and wet as possible options. The Aprilia RBW system also features take-off, engine braking and anti-shudder control.


It also has 43mm USD forks from Showa and the same 320 mm front disc brakes as Aprilia’s RSV 1000 and Tuono 1000 R.

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