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Swing Arm Installation - Validaton 96 1100RT-


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Looking for Validation/Correction on installation of Swing Arm



Am I in the process of installing the swing arm after replacing the clutch, finally? Not sure about the correct nomenclature surrounding the components but I will try to define them. I guess I have a 50% chance of getting it right. The side without the nut is the free journal while the other one with the nut is the fixed journal?


I take the free journal apply loctite to it and torque it in to 7 Nm.

Take the fixed journal apply loctite and torque it in to 150 Nm.

Place the nut on the fixed journal apply loctite and torque it to 105 Nm.


Thanks in advance.

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Side WITH the nut is the free Journal.:


1) Insert Fixed journal (use Loctite 2701) (this has NO nut).

2) Insert Free journal (use Loctite 2701 over entire thread.) (with Nut!).

3) Tighten FIXED journal to 150Nm.

4) Tighten FREE journal to 7Nm.

5) Tighten NUT on FREE journal to 105nM.

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