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Cee Bailey's SumDome/SumVee windshield height?


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I found the picture below on CB's site, but could find a similar picture for the Sumdome and SumVee screens. Can some one who has on of the shorter screens provide the measurement that corresponds to the 24-1/2" dimension on the picture? The webiste lists 19-1/2" (Dome) and 16-1/2" (Vee) which seems very short to me.






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Screen looks really nice. However, I was wondering, are those hand carts behind your bike there to carry ALL that gear in?? That's one loaded RT! thumbsup.gif Please excuse the short hi-jack.

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I have the Sumdome, the measurement you are looking for is 19.5" but that is the longest (tallest) part of the shield, whereas the center of the stock shield and the sumvee are not the longest (tallest) part. I have had the sumdome for two summers and it's great. I put it on in April and ride with it until October. There is a bit more wind noise but the air flow is clean with no buffiting.

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thanks everyone for the replies (even the OT one) the 19.5" was the dimension I was looking for. I have an extra stock windscreen and wanted to modify it for summer use - I ended up cutting off the top so it's +/- 22" measured at the center and only slightly shorter on the sides. This seems to work well for me but I might cut off another inch or two when I get my bike back from the dealer. I'm getting more wind on my chest and there's no buffeting and it's not noticably louder than the stock screen,

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