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A Poetic Tribute To Gleno

W. Mazelin

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W. Mazelin

For those of you on the DB that knew Gleno, I hope you like this:




I never met Gleno, just saw what he'd type,

From what I gather, he lived up to the hype.

You do your friend proud, you do your friend well,

With the photos you share, and the stories you tell.

The signs have been placed where his spirit will soar,

Honor him in Torrey, with engines that roar.

An example he set, with good times & good friends,

Honor him in Torrey, the "Sweeper Madness" bends.

Think of him often, and speak of him too,

Saddle up for a ride, take him with you.


By: Bill Mazelin

Date: June 08, 2007

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Thank you, all, for your kind words. This isn't the first poem I've posted on the DB, but it was the most nerve racking. The others, " A Lesson in Resourcefulness" and "P.C.H." ("forty-five-eleven" is about 1/2 complete) were simply ride tales. I wrote those for me and those I shared the rides with. This one was a little different, I didn't know Gleno except by what he posted, and other's responses to them. These words simply hit me in a 4 minute creative blast, before I knew it I had the first couplet, the second seemed to flow as a quick follow up, at that point I grabbed a pen, started writing, and kept at it until the "flow" evaporated. For me, that is the creative process in action, a little here, a little there, sometimes a great burst of a page or two. For this effort, when the flow stopped I knew it was done; I was satisfied. I'm glad that you who have read and responded to it enjoyed it. For those of you here, who really knew Gleno, were able to ride with him, swap lies, bench race, and share food & drink, I am envious.

Saddle up . . .

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