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SixSixOne Core Cooler


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Anyone has experience on Sixsixone Core Cooler - or a similar product? How would you rate it for travelling with RT?

Or what would you propose to keep cool, when travelling on hot weathers?

I'll be in Italy on July and August, and I expect temperatures well over 100 F. Yet I'm not willing to use jeans or cotton t-shirts, but to wear my Rukka Allroad (with some coolmax underwear).

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Never tried it, but have tried other cooling products (vests). They work alright. Definately a help. This looks very interesting, though, especially since it's around the neck, shoulders, and upper torso, the places that usually aren't as covered by a jacket. Cool.


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Thanks, PhillyFlash!

Would you tell a little more about your vest?

I have never tested one, so I really don't know how practical they are - and what requirements might be involved.

I believe they all(?) are based on the same idea as the Core Cooler, i.e. evaporation?

But what kind of jacket then is needed, as most jackets let only very limited airflow inside.

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Any kind of jacket will work, but the perforated jackets evaporate the water too quickly. I've used them with my 'Stich and with a regular Tour Master cordura jacket. I usually wear a cotton t-shirt underneath. I leave the top of the jacket open to get a little air coming in, but I also get air coming through the sleeves. As long as you have air passing in from somewhere it will do the evap cooling.


When I was using one last summer, I decided that it wasn't working well, and took it off. I rode for about 20 miles, feeling hotter and hotter, stopped, and put it back on again. What a difference! The vest doesn't make you feel cool, but it keeps you several degrees cooler than without it.

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This product really interests me. I'm quite curious as it lasts up to 5 days!! No refridgeration needed and light weight. I was looking to buy a couple of cooling vests this summer. This one sounds too good to be true. Anyone have any experience with them? lurker.gif

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My wife just got me a "Ride Cool" vest for my birthday and I've not used it yet. I am concerned with using it here because of the humidity. The evaporative qualities that these rely on aren't that great in higher humidity so their effectiveness is reduced. How much, I don't know though.

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I think any of the evaportive cooling vests work well in low humidity but not worth a darn in high humidity. I tried one in VA and did NOT like it but in Tucson area it is wonderful. It is a modern and better version of what we all did 30 years ago when we soaked our tee shirts when we filled up with gas!!

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The evap vests, as everyone says, don't work in humid heat, such as we have in central Texas; I have one I never use. I also have a phase-change vest that does work in humid heat. I wear a mesh jacket, and the cooling effect lasts for up to two hours. I think it would work better if I put the goretex liner in the jacket. The disadvantage, aside from the WalMart greeter look, is that the vest is a little heavy, and when the things thaw out, you need to get the vest off right away, but within 15 minutes or so in icy water you're good to go. I flat couldn't ride my ex-Goldwing without the vest, from mid-May to mid-September.


Anyone in the Austin area is welcome to borrow my vests to try them out, just send me a PM.


Mine are from www.ridecool.com

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Update on my comments: I've just had the BMW since February, and today was the first day, literally, that I rode in actual hot conditions. It was 85 when I left the house, with 55% humidity; 93 with same humidity when I returned four hours later.


First thing: the RT is so much cooler under way than the Goldwing, or even an FJR, that I could hardly believe it. I rode until the temp hit 90, and then stuck two of the phase change inserts just under my jacket, no vest, and was immediately more comfortable, for about 40 minutes. The inserts were only partially frozen when I took them out of the tank bag. I then stopped and put the vest on, and inserted two more frozen inserts into its front pockets, and rode on home, another 45 minutes or so. Again, they helped a lot. However, with the humidity factored in, the online weather service i use informed me, upon arriving home, that the 93 "feels like" 111. I believe it. I was okay until I got off the bike, then had one of those "GET THESE CLOTHES OFFA ME!!! moments, and dashed for the cold shower.


I used to put the Goldwing away towards the end of June, and not ride, except in the evenings, until September; I feel like I can ride the RT any time, especially with the phase change vest. I'da died if I'd worn the evap vest.


The recent addition of a water bladder in my tank bag made a huge difference, too, in the way I felt all during the ride.


This is full face helmet, gloved, full riding suit, tall boots riding I'm describing.


Again: if you live nearby Austin, you're welcome to borrow my vests to try them out.

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Unfortunately it seems not possible to buy a 661 core cooler in Europe.

They (661) don't ship outside usa, and the only dealer they have in Europe does not provide the Core Cooler.


Obviously I now need to look for other solutions.

I will continue looking for cooling vests, though.


Something called "phase change" were mentioned.

Does it require to be frozen/cooled before use?

If so, then it may not suit for my needs. On my travels, I cannot always count on having access to a freezer - unless I'd pay for four/five star hotels, which are not exactly what I prefer on a private travel.

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The phase change vests do not require a freezer, in fact, they freeze more quickly in icy water than in a freezer. I carry a collapsible soft cooler and add ice and water to it at stops, and within about 20 minutes the inserts are frozen solid. I rarely have trouble getting the clerks at gas stops to allow me to take just a small amount of ice and water from the soft drink dispensers. As mentioned, you can see the vests at www.ridecool.com. I feel certain you can find a European source for them. In fact here is one:



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Sorry to still bother you with this, but...


Ordering such vest to Europe seems difficult. There are some importers, but even they tell that " due to the increased activity of military forces in the warmer parts of the world, supply of these vests is limited "...


Anyone here knows a good shop in TORONTO, Canada?

I'll be visiting there in two weeks, and I just may have an hour to visit a local shop.

Should there be one selling such vests - well, I just might get lucky ;)

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