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A better day, overall


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I'm doing better this evening due to a couple of factors. Monday was my daughter's 17th birthday, so this evening, my parents took everyone out for dinner. There was no way Cameron could handle it so I invited one of his closest friends over to hang with him. That made it so I was able relax and enjoy the company, as well as get waited on, which was doubly nice. When I got home, Cameron and his friend were engaged in a very intellectual conversation. Wow, I haven't seen him this "alive" since before the accident. His speech was closer to normal and he just seemed more himself. They even worked on the podcast together, which is something he's been wanting to work on since he got home. It was fantastic to watch and listen to him. Maybe this is what he's been needing.


Today we went to our regular, family doctor, to bring him in on the treatment "team" as the one who will monitor Cameron's lungs/pneumonia, and trach incision area. It was a very difficult morning as he had a terrible time getting into the truck and so was very exhausted after getting home from that appt. He, also, had a later appt. with the MRI people to try using a shot of demerol before the exam. Unfortunately, Cameron is a big guy and they are only allowed to administer a certain quantity of the stuff, so it did very little to ease his anxiety. After that, we went home, knowing that we will have another go of it next week, after the doctor has reviewed the situation and decided how to approach it.


Thanks to our neighbors, who watched as I tried to help Cameron into the truck for the second appt., getting there got much easier. They loaned us their van for the trip since it has a lower floor and he can get in with less discomfort. It has been offered to us for future trips, if needed. They've said they are making dinner for us for tomorrow, as well. I guess that's what I get for not accepting all their offers of help, they are telling me what they will do for us. Am I that difficult? : p


I'm sorry I haven't been able to answer everyone's emails directly. It sort of becomes hit and miss, depending on how much energy I have when I read it. Most of the time I just suck up the positive energy and move on to the next item on my agenda. The donated money made it so we could make it back home, and got me food for the last week we were there-THANK YOU!!! All the emails and responses have kept me alive and sane. The intense feeling of being all alone and scared was horrible, but when I read those words of encouragement, I knew I could do it and that even though people weren't physically there with me, they were still there for me. I cried many tears of thankfulness and relief because of you. Words can not describe how much everyone has meant to me.


I anticipate a quiet weekend, one for regrouping and re-energizing for the coming week. We've started along a very different road and though the sights are prettier, I think it's still going to be a difficult one. I'll keep you posted as things progress, and again, thank you so much!

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Thanks for the update Patti!


At journey's end, the toughest roads are the ones with the fondest memories.


No, you aren't difficult, you're proud. There is nothing wrong with this, just know that you are loved and have an army at your disposal in friends, family, and those who care.


You're doing an awesome job. thumbsup.gifthumbsup.gifthumbsup.gif

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Anytime you start to feel bad about where you are, look back at where you've been. You two have come so far through this and you both have much of which to be proud. Accepting help from your neighbors is a sign of strength, a willingness to admit that you sometimes can't and shouldn't carry all the weight.

We're proud of you, Patti, and, trust me, when the time is right, members of this board that can feasibly do it, would love to come together, even in Bakersburg wink.gif, to celebrate your next step in this journey.

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