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Her First Solo Ride


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I picked up the very new, very blue, Ninja 250 on Monday. I rode it a whole whopping 1/2 mile to make sure things worked, then waited for Melissa. Mother and Daughter would be returning on Friday from their much deserved vacation to Disneyland, Padres game, and shopping at the Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego.


So, Friday is here and Melissa took here first solo ride as a rider. Watch out world! The pictures were taken from the new Canon Powershot S3 IS camera I just purchased a few days ago. Thanks to all for your help in selecting a camera. thumbsup.gif


The Ninja is a much richer blue than the pictures I first posted. Just a shade or two lighter then the Biaritz Blue of the RT.


Melissa ready to rip up the road. Well, almost...


And, she's off on her own. I was beamimg to be sure.


Look at the concentration.


It won't be long before she's asking to ride Daddy's bike. I'll be hiding my keys from here on out. tongue.gif


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Way to go Dad!!! Way to go!!!



Oh, you too Melissa!!!! grin.gifgrin.gif

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She looks like a natural. She had the front wheel off the ground yet?


Next thing, is a good pair of riding boots to finish out her ATGATT attire.


Congrats to you both. thumbsup.gif

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Proper riding boots are coming to round out the attire as well as a summer jacket. thumbsup.gif


And forgive me for posting such huge pictures. I promise to work on picture resizing before I post pics again. dopeslap.gif

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Next thing, is a good pair of riding boots to finish out her ATGATT attire.

There is a Cycle Gear in their neck of the woods..... grin.gif

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Awsome, I guess the next step after the boots is She'll be

joining the board and posting some ride reports.

Can't wait thumbsup.gif

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Greg and Melissa, congrats on the new bike, whoo hoo. That is so cool, three bikes in the new garage, i can just smell a tech days coming

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Way cool thumbsup.gif.

You go girl thumbsup.gifthumbsup.gifthumbsup.gif


I'll second that!! Just tell her to be careful out there and it's always rubber side down, shiny side up!!

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Wow what a pretty bike. She sure has a big smile on her face. How's momma handling having her on the street. I know even though Gar and I ride when Jay told us he bought a bike and was back into riding my heart clenched, and he's 35. It's a momma thing. tongue.gif

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an early fathers day gift for you. maybe a ride is in order and let your wife sleep in. thumbsup.gif

I'm thinking it will be a little while before she is ready to venture beyond the neighborhood. Melissa is taking it kinda slow. I don't want to push her too much, just enough to keep her progressing. But, yes, I have visions of father and daughter going on some long rides in due time. thumbsup.gif

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Melissa is taking it kinda slow




Too many people rush out, ignoring their complete lack of readiness to deal with stuff in the real world. (BTW, I was one of those people...and I'm damn lucky I survived.)


Lisa, too, started VERY slowly. I can't tell you how many times I rode the bike over to the empty parking lot, she met me in the car, and spent forever working on the MSF drills. Then it was around the neighborhood. Then some deserted streets nearby. Then some light traffic on familiar streets. etc. She'll learn at her own pace, and when she's ready to hit the road, she'll be in good shape to handle it.

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