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HIDs for Low Beam


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Hi Dr-J


No replies to your post? Could be the question is perplexing people because on the face of it the answer is so obvious - H7 is a standard bulb - yes of course an H7 bulb for a car is suitable for a motorcycle that has H7 spec'd for the bulb. dopeslap.gif


But your title suggests more to it than that.....


H7 HID lamp is H7 nonetheless but just be aware there are lots of issues to watch out for - compatability with CANBUS for a start......


Want to give out a bit more info on what you want to do and know?





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Hello Andy,


I realize my post was not clear. Problems with late night posts. I had a K bike and put HIDS on it. It was soooo bright, my friend called it the eye of God. I was contemplating putting HIDS on my '07 R bike and was wondering about the ins and outs of the different lights as they applied to this bike. But, I have since ridden the bike on several long night journeys and find the lights are much better than what the K bike had (just like the dealer told me it had).


Anyway, thanks for the reply, but I am putting my money into a new horn, (wimpy, wimpy, wimpy), led tail lights, etc.


Thanks again,


Dr. J






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