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Cable lube


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Installing dist.box for throttle cable. Shall I lube the small ends of cables, in the box, with white lube? Any lube in the box around the wheel post? 97 R1100RT

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Stan Walker

I didn't when I replaced mine.


My guess is that the grease would only work for awhile until it collected dirt and dust and started to become a cutting agent instead of a lubricant.



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I, like you, did not want to get anthing in the junction box that would attract grit and dirt. I have "sprayed" dry graphite lock lube around and on the pully in the box each time I have had it apart. I have not had any failures in the box. I've got 116k on the clock, and have replaced the pully to TB cables once at 30k or so. They didn't need it then. The last time I looked (100k) they were still in perfect condition. I have replaced the grip to pully cable twice. It broke at the grip end.

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John Dickens

Me too.

I use a 'ceramic' dry lube aerosol inside the junction box so that it won't build up dirt.

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