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Summer mesh jacket - MotoGP 3-in-1?


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I'm looking for a mesh jacket that I can wear in the summer months in NJ and environs. I saw that "motorcyclecloseouts.com" has a MotoGP 3-in-1 All Season waterproof jacket available on closeout. I need a true XL, and although someone else had suggested a Hein Gericke, they are cut too small for me. Does anyone have any experience with this jacket, and how does it do in the hot summer heat? I also want to get something that has some armor in the shoulders and elbows, as I don't want my wife to get that insurance money too soon!


Thanks in advance for your thoughts/comments/suggestions!

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Come on guys... someone must have had some experience with this jacket, or could recommend a different one...

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I went with the Vanson mesh shirt for the Texas summers (you can see it here: http://newenough.com/browse/view_product_images/242). The thing I like about it, is I can wear it under my rain gear, so I still have protection.


The downside to this product is that it is stictly a summer jacket, and having lived in NJ myself for a while, you wouldn't get much use out of the Vanson jacket because it is so thin. But if you're looking for a summer only "jacket" and want the airflow and protection, you can't beat the Vanson product.



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Thanks for the suggestion! I'll definitely look into that one...


Anyone else out there have anything to add?

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Look into the Olympia stuff.

I just tried out their mesh pants and they did very well. Just two knee scrapes. I sure wish I had been wearing the jacket but noooooooo. It was safely stowed in the trunk..

Arai helmet did it's job verywell also.

Sure wish that I had been wearing that jacket..

Next time. And every time thereafter!

ATGATT thumbsup.gif

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On the mesh jacket front, I've been wearing a Motoport/Cycleport kevlar jacket for about 2 months. It's a bit pricey, but I definitely feel protected in it.



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I've got that jacket and I've been wearing it for about a year. In cold weather I use my leather coat, but in warm to hot weather I wear the MotoGP jacket. With the rain liner and thermal liner it is actually quite warm, so I could probably wear it in colder weather but I like my leather.


In warm weather I would give it a B. Behind the RT fairing I don't get a whole lot of air so it does get warm. The mesh does flow a fair amount of air, but the holes are small. I also have a Power Trip mesh jacket with bigger holes and it definitely flows more air than the MotoGP. I have the gray color and I think that it is cooler than my black mesh jacket while not moving.


One complaint is that the pocket for the back armor is a nylon-type fabric, not mesh material. That area traps moisture against my shirt so when I get off the bike after my commute home in the afternoon I always have a wet spot on the back of my shirt. That doesn't happen with my Power Trip jacket. I imagine if I were moving faster or in a less humid climate that might not happen.


The sizing runs a bit big.


Overall, I have been happy with it. It is very versatile. I have not tested it in rain. For the motorcycle closeouts price of $120 I think it's a pretty good deal. I paid $200 and I think I have gotten my money's worth.




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I know that Husker says his MotoGP jacket ran big, but the few I've tried on locally were small.


I recently decided to go with the Rev'it Airflow jacket which also runs small. I got the XXL when I take an XL.


Very high quality and you can find them for fairly cheap if you are patient and look around.


I got mine from Cliff's BMW for $120 shipped, which is a bargain any day! thumbsup.gif

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