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Tiring days


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Why do all these days feel soooo loonng? When I try to think back on something that recently happened, I assume several days ago, I realize that it was only yesterday.


The trip(s) to the doctor are exhausting. Even though the wheelchair I rented is said to be "light", it isn't when you're hefting it into the back of a pickup after the ritual of trying to get Cameron into a vehicle seat that is much higher than the chair's. Then there's the setting it back up again to get him out of the truck and into the office or house. He's very restless at home and changes his mind alot about where he wants to situate himself. (More in and out of the chair.) My body isn't happy with all the lifting.


OK, enough griping. We only saw the orthopod today as it took much longer, and he called us back for more tests during the time we would have been at the general phys. office. He performed a very thorough exam, checking for nerve damage and circulation, along with cognitive skills. He ordered a lot of lab tests, including blood and xrays. I lost count of the number of xrays taken after about 10. Cameron can't sit up straight without considerable pain so, with lead apron ensemble, I helped to keep him in as close to the correct positions as possible for adequate visibility on the films. Some positions were very painful.


The doctor has several concerns about Cameron's leg and the pain in his neck and shoulder. He showed me the xrays and discussed the areas and why more tests are needed. One unfortunately thing that has happened is a plate that was installed in his right leg (the badly broken one) has become bent and cracked from him putting too much weight on it. All that "doing things himself" stuff has backfired and aggrevated his situation. It was decided that MRI's are going to be the best bet for getting a clearer picture, but there was the question of the metal in the external fixture on his leg possibly messing up the images. So, they set us up with an appt. for a CT scan, instead. That necessitated rescheduling our other dr. appt. for tomorrow morning. After we got home, the orthopod's office called and said they could do the MRI afterall and to come back in about 2 hours. I had just gotten Cameron laying down to recouperate. At least he got a little rest before making the trip back for the test.


I guess the MRI tubes give people terrible episodes of claustrophobia. I had one done a couple of years ago and the only bad thing about it was the noise, very loud. Cameron has had them done in the past for one reason or other, so we figured it wouldn't be too bad, at least he could lay down for awhile. Whether it was because of the meds. still in his system, or just the time and place, he couldn't do it. A panic attack or some other response kicked in and there was no keeping him in there, especially not for the hour plus that was necessary for the test. So, we go back tomorrow to try it with a shot of demerol to soothe the patient. Keep your fingers crossed that it all goes well.


The doctor did take him off the pain meds and put him on vicodin. He said Oxycodon is very addictive after 7days of use and was upset that it had been prescribed at all. Thankfully, Cameron has only been on it for 5 days. It has a reputation of making other pain killers ineffective, as well, and that is becoming apparent in the lack of relief he is getting from them. He was told he would have pain, there was no safe way of totally eliminating it. Tonight I have noticed a slight lifting in his foggy headedness and he is beginning to get his more normal restlessness. Unfortunately, being restless is not a good thing right now. As I type this, I've been interrupted several times from the sound of something banging or dropping in the bedroom. When I check in on him he's trying to get to something or put something aside, but still lacks all the fine motor control to do it carefully.


Well, it's been quiet for awhile so hopefully he's asleep. I need to wrap this up and get some rest myself. The first appt. is at 8:00am so it will be an early morning. The process of getting from first rising to pulling out of the driveway, can get time consuming. Ah, I'm hearing the noises again. Time to get to bed so I can keep a better eye on him, at least until I fall asleep.

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Ask for some help Patti!!!!


There are a lot of folks close to you that, I am sure, would not mind lending a hand in your time of need.


I wish I was closer 'cause I'd be bangin' down the door myself to help out! grin.gif

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What he said, GET HELP! If he is going to help himself back into surgury by doing things himself, he will only wear you out even more. You may want to ask him which side of the pillow is his favorite, when he asks you why, tell him that if he doesn't knock it off you want to know which side of the pillow to use to smother him with. grin.gif

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