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Valve Stem Tools


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OK... I've spent loads 'o' time out at the Napa website and I don't seem to be able to find the right tool(s) for the job. For those who do change your rubber stems what tool do you use to remove the old rubber stem and what do you use to pull the new one into position? I have one of the el cheapo valve stem core tools but I'm looking for something better AND that is designed for stem removal and seating. I'm dealing with spoked wheels so screwing around with a hack saw ain't an option.

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Ken, Bryon, Thx for the replies. Ken... I did come across one of those valve fishing tools at the napa site so I guess I'll order up one of those. For removal I might cave and go the utility knife route but I may instead try to find one of those tools that looks like a set of pliers with a "nippy" kind of end to it.

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Jim VonBaden

I just cut the old one off, then use a metal valve cap/stem remover and grip it with some pliars and pull it on. Easy and simple.


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