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Non-starter after battery change...?


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Hi guys - I changed the battery on my 99 R1100RT last weekend, I was amazed at the amount of tupperware I had to remove to get to it, as well as the fact I had to lift the tank to extract the battery.


Anyway, once the new battery was in, I started the bike, or at least tried to, only to find that it would only run on one pot. The 2nd cylinder would chime in with a handful of throttle, but after spitting and popping a few times it's packed its bags and gone off on a short break.


Any thoughts as to why I might have lost one cylinder? My first guess is that I've either disconnected or kinked the fuel supply to the injection system on that side. The manual speaks of a drip-proof quick link in the fuel line, is it possible I've pulled that by lifting the tank?


It's just such a PITA to get the bodywork off and I'm always left with one fastener in the part tray too...


Any responses welcome! thumbsup.gif





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It sounds like you disrupted the throttle cable? This would be an easy fix. Look where the cables route around a pulley. The cable may not be seated well and therefore is effecting performance.

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Definitely sounds like you've got one of the throttle cables dislodged from the adjuster.


BTW, for future reference, there is no need to lift the tank to change the battery. Pull the left side fairing, lift up the cover to the airbox, remove one screw and air intake snorkel, unfasten the battery strap, remove negative cable, slide battery to the left and remove the positive cable and the battery will slide out the left side.

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