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Oil Change Procedure on 12RT


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Is there anything special I need to know about changing the oil? Any special tools needed?


I'm suspecting that I may have overfilled it on my recent trip (I have a hard time seeing a diffence in a full vs empty sight glass) and I want to just go ahead and change the oil to get it right and then check the airbox for any oil.


I appreciate any advice.

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I was just through this last weekend. Not hard, unless you're like me and totally useless with your hands. But I did it so anybody can do it.


You should get a new crush washer to use when you replace your oil drain plug. You'll need an 8mm allen wrench for the drain plug, a filter removal tool from BMW, torque wrench, and new oil.

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OK... stupid question. Where is the drain plug? I just went and looked under the bike and couldn't find anything that looked like a plug.


Anyone have the torque setting for the plug?

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Before you get all lathered up and decide to change the oil there is a simple procedure that will get your oil level down where you need it to be. It does involve an oil filter wrench but, you're gonna need one of them anyway if you choose not to follow my method.


Place bike on center stand. Remove oil filter, a little will spill but it shouldn't be much. Dump contents of filter into drain pan and replace with the now empty filter. Start the bike and run it for no more than about 30 seconds then shut it down. Get a flashlight and peer into the sight glass. Repeat as necessary until the level is discernible in the glass and to your liking. You will be taking out about 6 oz of oil on each iteration. Shouldn't take more than once or twice and you'll be there.


The drain plug is more or less flush with the bottom of the oil pan. Look for a large hex shaped hole. Probably a 14mm hex (Allen) wrench to remove. 9/16" will work just as well. As to tightening, I use the snug and then a moderate grunt method, but I've been doing this kind of stuff for lo these many years.

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I used a strap wrench from the local autoparts store to remove my filter at first. It is not ideal, but works. I now have a dedicated oil filter removal tool that I bought from the dealer for about $19, and it is easier and more efficient. I like to go ahead and fill the filter with new oil before I install it, and don't forget to rub a bit of oil on the rubber gasket.


Make sure you take the old oil and filter to WalMart or somewhere else to have them recycled for free. I keep a 5 gallon drum in my barn that I fill up and take when it gets full.


All in all, it is an easy job, especially after you have done it once.



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The newest style BMW oil filter has a unique shape on its bottom and most over-the-counter oil filter wrenches will not fit. BMW sells a high $$ one (of course) but there now a lot of clones out there. Look in the back of most any BMW magazine.


The oil plug is a 8 MM hex (14 MM !?! Ed, what WERE you thinking of???). Some people advocate replacing the crush washer each time, but I think it's overkill, and some people never do. Ether way there is no need to buy the BMW ones, they are available at most any auto parts place.

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