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My friend has some part off of the 1996 RT he sold years ago and asked me what they are worth , I have no clue so here is the list he has and if anyone could help me put a value on them I would be very thankfull.

Trunk,Full Remus system,tankbag,rear seat and backrest.

Thanks Michael

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Value is in the eyes of the beholder but some of the ranges I've seen some of these items go for.


Top Case (truck) - $200-$300

Remus - $400-$500

Tankbag - Depends on which one, but $30-$40

Rear seat - Very little - $20

Backrest - Again, depend on the brand, but maybe $60



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I think that for used or take-off parts the price/value sort of begins at half retail and goes up or down from there. If it was a New take-off, never in service- except for the ride home sort of thing, and stored properly then value goes up a little.

Same thing for the other direction if it was removed because it was worn or just plain dirty- value drops quickly.


Then an honest description coupled with eBay, sort of answers the question.

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