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Communications on '07 R12RT- PTT Location, What to do with integrator


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Mounting Starcom1 integrator.


Put the PTT button under the handle bar controls assembly, covering the lower mirror mount hole, see picture. It's just mounted with velcro. Any thoughts on this approach? Other ideas? Pics appreciated.


As for the integrator unit, it comes with a fused power lead and they recommend connecting directly to the battery. This will certainly avoid any problems with the bike electrics, but will result... well the result depends on where I mount the thing... right now thinking about putting it in the tank bag along with the FRS radio and the mp3 player, not really mounted at all.


If it goes into the tank bag, how would you run the power lead from the battery. Looks like you could go straight up under tank bag rail, but am worried about cutting/abrading it, could go along left or right frame and come up from the front.


What other ideas do people have for mounting the unit? The unit is about 5" by 3.25", but you have connectors sticking out of both ends, so in practice you need about 8.5" of length to mount it. We've looked in the space behind the rear seat under the luggage rack, and we could cram it in there, but cords really would get stretched running up to the front, and the unit doesn't fit very neatly with the cords all on.


Any other thoughts on where to mount it?


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Ok, here, for posterity, is the set up (see pic). The Push To Talk (PTT) stayed put as shown in the original post. Cord runs over fuel tank, under tupperware. Comes down in front of the front seat. Picks up power cable at battery. They run along the left frame until you them coming into the pic. If I ever have to pull the fuel tank I'll reroute it under. Until then we put cord protectors over them (his and hers bikes).


The main unit sits on 4 little circles of velcro that Starcom provides in the rear wheel well. You can see the FRS/GMRS radio and the mp3 player in the space under the luggage rack, where my tool kit should be grin.gif.


The helmet cord just comes out from under the rear seat. Installation of the SH004 helmet sets was easy. The stereo sound is nice. Quality is not audiophile, but then you have a lot of helmet noise, and mp3 players aren't audiophile to begin with. It's certainly acceptable to us.


It all works great. The radios are Midland, cheap, with the Starcom CAB02 and PTT02 cable set. The mp3 players are Zen. They would normally be in their cases, but I left the case off for the pic. We set them to random play and don't have to mess with them.


Next step, figuring out where to put that tool kit!


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