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Dealer service protocol


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I was just checking to see if anyone knows if BMW North America orders all dealerships to replace any non OEM parts with OEM during a service.


The reason I ask is my bike was being troubleshot at a local dealer who changed out my fuel filter, fuel lines, fuel injector clamps (replaced with crimp type), and my quick disconnects despite being told and an email sent that those items had been recently changed.


Furthermore, the dealer said that my quick disconnects were the cause that the bike hadn't been running. Funny thing is I'd installed the all aluminum QD fittings from CV products after my bike had died on me confused.gif


I am worried that I still have a gremlin in the wiring somewhere and will probably be stranded at the BMWRA rally this weekend.


The quick disconnects that they took off work fine by the way so I don't know what they could possibly be thinking using that as a solution.


Thanks for your comments.




See you this weekend in Asheville clap.gif

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I don't have an answer to your question but I am glad to hear that your bike is up and running again. I will be at the RA rally on Saturday, hope to see you there.

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I would guess it would be illegal to remove and replace parts contrary to the customers wishes. I sure as heck would have a serious discussion with the owner of the dealership and perhaps a discussion with an attorney if they want to charge you for unauthorized repairs.

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I have 2 ways of looking at this.

First, I always suspect the last thing done when something doesn't work. So I probably would have checked your fuel system work.

Second, unless the new parts were somehow inferior, they should have been re-installed. JMHO.


I did have one occasion when my brother couldn't start his car after giving it a tune up. After a couple days of his rechecking everything, I put the old plugs back in and VROOM! New parts are always suspect.

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