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Control Circuit bleed order for a 2004 RT


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Leslie's FAQ on circuit bleeding shows this picture:



... can anyone give me the corresponding numbers of these bleed screws for a 2004 RT?


1 = ?

2 = ?

3 = ?

4 = ?

5 = ?

6 = ?


Also - is the assumption that 1-2-3-1 is the front cicuit order and 4-5-6-4 is the rear circuit order, correct?


Thanks - the bike's stripped down for the job but I only have the Clymers and it doesn't answer these questions.

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If you look at the photo, starting the numbers from the left, the front control circuit order is 1-2-4 and the rear is 6-5-3. I don't have the link handy, but you can download the maintenance manual from a Yahoo search. Hope that helps.



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