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A birthday tale to remember . . .(longish)


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As many of you know, Jamie (2bmwfan) had her bday May 14.


Well, as you may also know she received a new motorcycle on said bday. Here is the tale!


It actually started a long way back when we went to the bike show. Jamie found what she liked and wanted there.


Time went by and she continued to ride her dirt bike and go to the MSF - BRC where she graduated with flying colors.


Fast forward to the hatching of a plan.


With our continued 2-up riding and our continued "trying on" of bikes for Jamie, she was really chomping at getting her own.


A deal came along for a bike that I have a fondness for - the K12RS.


The rub, it was in San Diego and my work schedule wouldn't allow me to go get it. My honey to the rescue, with a twist!!!!!


I sold her on the idea that we were getting this bike for her to cut her teeth on in parking lots and back streets while we continued to seek "The One" for her.


Sucker!!!!!!!!!!!! She took the bait.


All the while, I had been working with my dealer on her new bike. The bike she continued to come back to.


A&S had their annual open house and, of course, Jamie and I went. My excellent friend and seller of all bikes BMW was working and, since he already knew what was up, helped ensure the plan was sound.


Jamie, drooling, was looking at the new 650's and her prized F800ST. My sales guy went up to her and started talking with her, next thing ya know, Jamie is off to the truck to get her riding gear!!!!


Riding gear????? Oh yea, the plan was in process the whole time!!


Off they went. Jamie was, first, on the 650Xmoto and our sales guy was on the F800ST. At the turn around they swapped. Jamie rode the F800ST back.


They were gone about 1/2 an hour, maybe a little more.


When Jamie came in the parking lot, fate had been sealed. You should have seen her face. She was beaming with a huge ear to ear grin.


Fast forward back to San Diego. The bike was housed at Jamie and Leslie's so they were a part of the plan. As hard as it was, they went with it and actually played off the whole, "the K12RS is for Jamie while she cuts her teeth thing." lmao.giflmao.giflmao.giflmao.gif


Yes, Jamie was not totally convinced this was a smart move. DUHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! I could have told you that but that would come later!!


So Jamie drives the truck and trailer all the way to San Diego from our house. About 500 miles one way. She has a wonderful time with Jamie and Leslie, shares some food, drinks some wine, etc.


Jamie loads the bike, checks things out and sends Jamie on her way home with “her new bike.”


A little side note: Jamie was, uh, well, how do I say, not herself on the way home. She was tired, not really sold on the whole K-RS thing and just plain pissy.




I have to say, I was worried.


In the background of all of this was our wonderful friends and family both here on the board and near our home.


After I got off work Saturday morning, the 12th, I went about like a madman gathering supplies, food, cakes, etc. for the surprise party that evening after Jamie got home.


We were having the party up the road at a friend’s home so I gathered all the supplies and dropped them off at Kelly and Aaron’s. They went about all the prep work, etc. for the evenings festivities.


Well, I needed to go to Roseville from our home in Diamond springs to pick up the bike. Hmmmmmm, how in the hell am I going to do this?????


In comes Michael, AKA SageRider!!! Let me just say it right here and now!!! If you need something, this is your guy. Completely selfless in every regard!!!


He agrees without question to help with the plan. He will go with me and get the bike. I tell him he gets to ride it home! It is, afterall, the least I can do.


I pick up Michael from my home where he meets me after dropping off the bulk of the supplies. We go get some other stuff we need, drop it off, grab some lunch and high tail it to the dealer as time is running out!!! Jamie is expected home around 4ish and the party is at 5:30 and it is now 1.


On the way, I speak with the owner of A&S and am assured that the bike is cleaned, prepped, and gassed up. She’s 100% ready to go!


Oh, by the way, the motorcycle had been at the dealership, bought, registered, and ready to go for 3 weeks prior to this. Damn, this was a tough one to keep hidden!!!!!


I had to intercept a couple pieces of mail during this time. The insurance, BMW buyer surveys, BMWNA phone call, etc.


Michael and I get to the dealer and sure enough, we are met at the door with the key and the bike is right there, under cover, ready to go just as promised.


A quick run through for Michael and we are off.


Funny thing happens along the way home. Michael is following me on the bike and we are cruising home. Looks like we are going to just make it when I suddenly get a text message from my wife that states that she is at such and such an exit and will be home soon.


Panic and fear set in IMMEDIATELY!!!! How in the hell does this happen!!! She is exactly 1 and ½ exits BEHIND us!!!! Crappppppp!!!!!!


We are doing the drive slow break in thing with the bike and anyone who knows my wife knows that she can’t drive the speed limit if her life depended on it!!!!


Think!!! Quick!!!! What do we do?????


We jump off the freeway at the next exit and duck in to the Best Buy parking lot. As it turns out, we needed to get a gift for a family member so Michael and I run in and take care of it.


Phew!!!! Close one!!


We drive the rest of the way home and drop the bike off at our friend’s garage where it will remain hidden until the moment arrives.


Michael and I go over our story so Jamie does not suspect anything. Thanks for having your Tech Daze Nick (Deadbooy)!!!!!! You were the perfect cover and we used ya. Hope ya don’t mind?!


So, we unload the K-RS, get cleaned up a bit and head over to the “party”, which had been touted as dinner with family all along. Told Jamie that I couldn’t send Michael away this late in the afternoon without food, I had confirmed it OK with our friend’s and Michael was joining us for the tri-tip, etc. All part of the ruse!!!


Sooooo, we get there and SURPRISE!!! About 12 of our close friends and family are there to surprise her with a surprise birthday party.


So, we go through the evening laughing and having a good time. I made sure Jamie had several glasses of wine to “calm her nerves” from the big trip, etc. This would also ensure that she wouldn’t want to take her new toy for a spin while on overload from the surprise of receiving it. Just in case!!!!


Well, at this point, I suppose I should let the pictures tell you how it went:


The cake.



Friends and family.





She's feeling much better than before!!!!!



The one and only, Michael (SageRider).



Little does she know that the BIG gift is in that LITTLE pink bag behind her!!!! lmao.giflmao.gif




Who was really laughing? Hmmmmm?



So, she gets the pink bag. In it is a lot of tissue and a small flat wrapped thingy in the bottom. She opens it and is really puzzled!!!


She actually thinks I am being a smartass and am giving her the key to the K-RS she just drove 1000 miles for.


Remember this from earlier!?




Well, I finally get her to go check out what it may be for. Reluctantly!!!




Hang on while everyone else gets to see, too!!!!



And now she decides to get scared and refuses to look!!!! Silly girl.




But alas, she finally opens her eyes!






Here she is mumbling something about having to drive to San Diego blah, blah, blah!!! grin.gif



The devil in her!!



Start it up!!!



I love this one!!!



Ahhhh, family!!!!



Here she is, setting out on her new toy. Not the same day as she got it!!!!!! tongue.gif



Hope you enjoyed this little ride tale!!!


To date, she has still not stopped grinning!!!! She is riding to and from work, running errands, we have ridden to watch MotoGP at the dealership, etc.


Early next week, she does lose her bike for a bit though. eek.gifeek.gifeek.gif You see, Corbin is going to use her bike for their prototyping of all things Corbin on the F800ST.


Let the farkling begin!!!!!!! thumbsup.gifthumbsup.gif

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About time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now get in there and make me a samich!

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About time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Talk about calling the kettle black! Putzz! lmao.giflmao.giflmao.gif


Congrats on the cool Birthday trick..I mean gift. thumbsup.gif

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About time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now get in there and make me a samich!


Ha Ha funny man!!!


So, a little side for ya Richard!! Remember that funny PM I sent you regarding never seeing a dead cat in a tree so why do you call the fire department to get the cat out of it?


Yea, just got back from that very thing!!! And no, the cat did not just walk right in to my arms and let me take IT down!! Of course, it went higher up!! Duhhh!!!!!


We left. Cat is still in tree!! lmao.giflmao.giflmao.giflmao.giflmao.giflmao.gif

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Oh, and to all of you who knew about this WAY before it ever happened, for those who aided and abetted, and for those who cheer on and support our newer riders and there dreams, THANK YOU!!!


This board helped make it ok for my wife to ride. You gave her confidence, inspiration, and a new dream.


Thnaks!!! clap.gifclap.gifclap.gifclap.gif

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Great stuff thumbsup.gif


Nothing like a new scooter to make the day even better. I would hide the keys from your husband grin.gif

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Very very cool! Man I have had to keep a lot of bikes secret lately. smile.gif I hope she enjoys every mile. thumbsup.gif



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Good job.


Buttttt....what the hell is the K-bike for???


I'm so confused!!!!


Wish we could'a been there.



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Somehow, the new slippers & dinner at Denny's just doesn't seem special anymore. I am a cheap SOB. grin.gif



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What a fun day! The Tech Daze to start it off, meeting Phil and getting to ride the brand new bike away from the dealership (Jamie, I promise I treated it tenderly. I wanted to save it for you to abuse! grin.gif) The party with a bunch of great people and feed, seeing the look of confusion on Jamie's face when she found the key in the box, and most of all, the look on Jamie's face when she figured out that the key was for that shiny new F800ST!

Phil, ya done good! I think Jamie will keep you for a while longer! tongue.gif

Seeing these two newlyweds (so what if it's been a few years) interact is a joy to behold!

Jamie, have fun enjoying both Phil and your gift!

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Great job Phil. Jamie you have one sweet bike there and the color is beautiful. I took one for a test ride and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Have tons of fun on your new bike.

All the best,


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Good grief! Talk about the long way 'round.


I didn't think I'd E-V-E-R get to the good part. tongue.gif


But, I must say, ya done good on this one, Phil.


Congrats Jamie. That's one cool bike. thumbsup.gif

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You two rock!! That is a GREAT story!! thumbsup.gifthumbsup.gif


Jamie, enjoy that new toy to the fullest! clap.gifclap.gif

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Good job.


Buttttt....what the hell is the K-bike for???


Phil's gonna put TKC-80's on there and take it dualsporting.

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Somehow, the new slippers & dinner at Denny's just doesn't seem special anymore. I am a cheap SOB. grin.gif


+1. My only consolation is that my wife isn't likely to find out (at least via this site) how high the bar has been set.


Phil: thumbsup.gif


Jamie: clap.gif and a belated Happy Birthday! Bikes are good, mmmmkay?

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Great story Phil and Jamie! I absolutely love the color!


So...I am with Whip on the where's the K12RS? Man that was an expensive subterfuge but definitely worth it.


Cheers! thumbsup.gif

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My only consolation is that my wife isn't likely to find out (at least via this site) how high the bar has been set.


Right. Your wife never reads or posts on this board. lmao.gif

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