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police crash bar installation


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so, i'm getting ready to pick up a new bike on saturday. a bmw 07 r12rt. today i took delivery of bmw police crash bars to fit this new bike. i asked my dealer if he had installation instruction or a parts fiche or some sort of schematic to help with installation. his answer was no. so now i turn to the wealth of wisdom, here, on bmwsport touring forums. taking any suggestions. thanks wave.gif

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Did you ask if they would actually fit a civilian model? The RT-P does have a few differences from the civilian model. I'm not completely sure the civilian model has the same points to mount the RT-P crash bars.


I'm more curious as to whether they will actually fit.



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im really interested on how you make out on this. service guys couldnt tell you how to mount these? confused.gif should be not be a problem as the engines on the RT and RTP are the same. if you don't mind me asking how much were the bars?

best of luck with the install.

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I'll look around for some pics. But, in the meantime a overview from memory...


Right side support strut is attached to motor mount bolt and a forward point on the block. The motor mount bold can be difficult to remove/reinstall. Some support for the engine maybe helpful but it's been done w/o. The sort of L shaped end of the strut bolts up toward the front (that's one spot I'm not sure about on a stock RT offhand).


Similar setup for the left support strut.


Protection bars bolt mount together at the bottom front of the block and the U bracket on the corresponding strut.


If you didn't order the extra hardware bits, you'll need those too. Checkout the link.



Protection Bars

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sundaeman: thanks for the picture! wave.gif where did you find that? i also have the authority bars that wrap around the back of the bike. any schematics for those bars? the picture link provided is exactly what i was looking for. most important is the fastener list. the boxes of several bars also came with bags of nuts, bolts, spacers, clipnuts, circlips, and a few other bits i don't know what they are. this is going to be alot of fun. thanks again for the picture, sundaeman. thumbsup.gif

once i figure out how to post pictures, i'll post a how to install thread.

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Click on Safety Bar at the top of the display. It'll get you to the rear bars. I haven't had to replace any of those. smile.gif


The site name is www.realoem.com The bike is a K26 R1200RT. For the bars the build date doesn't appear to be important at the moment other than 2006. But if you've got it why not use it.


One more thing... you'll need a torque wrench. Especially for the motor mount bolts.

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