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? how much oil should a 04 r1150rt use ?


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I just got my first bmw r1150rt 2004 and changed the oil,, i pit in 3.8 quarts of castrol 20-50 with a purlator One filter,


I added a total of 1 full quart and am now changing it again. My bike has 25k on it,,

Question: how much is "normal" oil consumption,, I also own a busa and it uses zero oil between changes,, is this a bad thing to use a quart every 3000 miles..?

I should say that getting used to the boxer included 5 o 6 times of wide open in 6th to exploree the top end and such, and much 3/4 to full throttle jaunts around 1/2 mile turns and such,, but have NEVER banged the rev limiter.. I now am satisified i have explored the handeling / braking and performance characteristics of the bike and do not plan to run her so hard but to exploit the creamy smooth tourque and handeling i have descovered,, i love it,,,,

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