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2002 rt


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being brand new to this forum i felt it ok to ask some simple ?? . i have a found a 2002 rt with 8000 miles excellent shape with bags for 9000 $ i want to buy it but am getting mixed messages about the bike ie is this a dependable bike even with the linked abs ??, how about do it yourself maintenance ??, the price seems fair to me ?? any feedback would be greatly appreciated i have had over 50 bikes in my life and 21 as of now includeing a 68 r50 i just am gunshy about a high tech machine . anything wrong with the 2002 model ?? thanks again

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Not that my 2002 is a bad bike... its great... but knowing what a know now I would have held out for a 2004 model. Both have fully integrated brakes (that is activating either front brake lever or rear foot lever has the same result of activating both brakes), but by 2004 the rear lever didn't activate the front brake as harshly as on the 2002.


The other benifit to the 2004 is the twin spark heads. Two spark plugs per cylinder. Some 2002s have a surging problem... I haven't experienced it myself. But the twin spark models are supposed to be less prone to surging issues.


Neither issues are enough to 'avoid' the 2002 IMO... and the prices for the 2004 models are noticably higher. Your price seems great for the low miles!


None of the years have reliability issues to worry about. And they are all user friendly for maintenance. You'll find all the info you need for your maintenance here on this site.

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