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Engine Oil Transfer to Air Intake Port


Engine Oil Transfer to Air Intake Port  

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Bakcground: I have an R1100RT 2000 with 36,000. A BMW dealer in Dallas performed the 36K service and installed a new clutch (a seal broke and oil went to the cluck).


On my first trip, after about 170 miles, I noticed a considerable amount ot smoke coming out of the exhaust system. I checked the oil level in the glass and there wasn't any. Then a opened a relief valve that is part of the air intake and a pint of oil was drained.

I checked the oil before the trip and it was in the middle of the glass marker. So I know for a fact that the engine was not overfilled with oil.


Has any of you experienced this problem, what was wrong and how did you fix it? Is this something that I can fix myself?


Do you think that this problem can be related with the installation of a new cluth?


Thank you in advance for your advice. dopeslap.gif

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A pint!?! eek.gif Thats an amazing amount of oil in the air box, even if it accumulated from years of overfilling. If the engine is indeed blowing that much oil into the air box when your sure the crankcase isn't being overfilled, something is dramatically wrong with the crankcase breather system. Or an excessive amount of piston blow by. I doubt that it has anything to do with the clutch job though.

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