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Kill Switch fix


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Hello all.It might interest someone to know that the starter button and kill switch are easily removed from a donor part and transferred to the broken unit without going to the hassle and expense of removing and refitting the r/h switchgear.(I broke the toggle on my kill switch and a glued repair was unlikely to last).My only question is what is the best sort of grease to use inside the switch?

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Broke my kill switch today. Well, not the switch, that prob. still works fine, just the tab from the switch. Do the start and kill switch just pull up straight off the post under them or is there some other voodoo to getting them off. Should a glue repair not turn out to be reliable, has anyone installed 61 31 2 306 178 as see on tv?




Eric Schmitt

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on the 1100/850 oilheads,you just undo the one screw attaching the rh switchgear. There should be enough slack in the harness to enable you to lever off the E clip on the reverse side. The kill switch and starter button will then pull out. Replacement from a donor unit is straightforward.

I haven't yet found a permanent glued repair.

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