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I guess you boys were right about oil consumption


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At 15,000 I decide to change out the Amsoil 10W40 syn and filter with 20W50 Amsoil for the summer. The RTs consumption was approximately a quart every 2000 miles. So, I filled the BMW filter with oil, screwed it in and poured the remaining 20W50 in the engine. Noticed the oil glass window was completely brown but only put in 4 quarts so wasn't concerned. Put on 1100 miles since and the glass window is still completely brown. I guess I'm surprised the consumption simply stops but I'm not complaining. According to the manual the sight glass indicates it's overfilled? Can't seem to win...

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I always ran my RT with the oil at the middle of the sight glass at operating temperature and it would usually be just visible in the sight glass cold.

The problem with overfilling is you do not know how much overfilled it is and also the the engine will be actually slapping the oil in operation causing some to be picked up by the crank vent.

Plus you cannot gauge how much oil is actually being used, if any.

Me I would pull some oil out and get the level readable again.

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Last week David S posted a pic of an oilhead (could've been a hex) open engine block which revealed a large distance between crankshaft and oil site glass; thus, it's unlikely mild to moderate overfilling will cause crank/oil level contact.

My oilhead takes 3.75 us quarts (including that which goes directly into filter) so I'm thinking kinchy's 4 qt oil fill is only 8 ounces over the top. Just the same, I'd consider "pulling some oil out" via latex glove and brief removal of oil drain plug.



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Paul Mihalka

I like to keep it simple. On my R1100RT and later in my R1150R I always put in the full 4 quarts when I change oil and filter and never had any oil blown under the air filter, which would be the first sign of over-filling. I plan do do the same thing on my R1200GS.

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I'm sure you're correct in living (comfortably) with 4 qts of motor oil; my "consideration" is mostly dues to a closet case of ocd. Accepting things as close to correct is a good life skill vs obsessing over small issues.


Wooster w/o clinical diagnosis


btw best wishes for your GS

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If you do decide to let some out, it's a lot easier and less messy to pull the filter, dump the oil out of it and reinstall it, than to try to let some out with the drain plug.

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Come to think of it, I remember getting it back from dealer service (actually both dealers) and the oil was at 3/4 or full window brown. It always dropped as the miles accumulated. That being said, I do appreciate the advice, I obviously have much to much time on my hands.

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