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Swiss Alps, Wet, wet, wetter


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Haven't actually got my own pictures together as yet, but this is a video of the rather poor weather we experienced on this years alps trip. We found three of the seven passess attempted closed due to snow with one of them being 'shelled' by the swiss army to release the last of the snow. I'll add some pics when I've collated them , but here is a taster of the lovely weather.


An otherwise excellent trip.

NB, Speed dropped to around 15mph max at one point due to visibility. This was a video taken from one of the newby tourers. Music an editing are his also smile.gif

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Unfortunately one of the risks of riding the Alps early in the season. Weather remains unpredictable. And clearly a risk when coming from 'afar' and 'having' to ride at almost all costs. When living nearby, there is always 'another time' but that's often not the luxury of a tourist frown.gif


Interesting video..... looking forward to your pictures smile.gif



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Heading that way next week - trip to Dubrovnik through France, Germany and Austria, coming back through Italy and Switzerland.

Hope to camp most of the way so hoping for good weather wink.gif

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