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I'm baaack...


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Just a note to let everyone who was trying to get in touch with me to organize delivery of the mount I make for the R bikes while I was on my 'big trip'...the gods conspired against me and my first ever laptop finally arrived 2 days after I had left... tongue.gif.


So it was really difficult to try and stay 'connected'. But thanks to everyone who hung in there...I have made up another 20 bases and the Ram balls came in (also 3 weeks late crazy.gif ) so if anyone who got discouraged but still would like a mount, let me know. Lots of stock now smile.gif


By the way it was a super trip, the Garmin with the XM weather saved my butt a couple of times heading up thru Oaklahoma and Kansas. Took a detour around Wichita and missed some real mean convective types...


Jim W.

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