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Adding accessory BMW style power outlet for heated jacket


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Thanks. In thinking about my experience using my Gerbings on my RT and plugging it into the factory outlet, I wonder if there is a better way. I was thinking of:

1. Adding an accessory outlet to the dash area; or

2. Adding an accessory outlet to the rear of my tank



It always seemed a little ackward to me to have the long Jacket cord tangling around when its plugged into the stock BMW outlets (but what do I know). Ideas and thoughts appreciated.


P.S. I was thinking of doing this since I am going to be doing some wiring in connection with my Roady2 as is noted in my earlier post of today.



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Check out derbycycles.com..Click on gerbing,,check out permanent temp controler,I have them on my 05 GS and my 07 RT,Hooks straight to batt,or you can put in a relay,,you can mount switch were ever you want,run cord under and out front of seat,,I put the knob and led were the stock radio controls go on my RT,,out the side of my tool box under the seat of my GS,Looks clean,, thumbsup.gif

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I wired Gerbing's battery-direct connector to the battery. The cable stays tucked under the seat when not needed. Then I placed a small piece of dual-lock on the tank, just above the top lip of the seat. I have another piece on the back of my controller. When I'm using the controller, I just connect it under the seat, stick it to the tank, and replace the seat. (the pigtail that connects to the jacket fits under the left lip of the seat, and tucks up under the seat lip when not in use!)

This has the added benefit of making it impossible for someone to walk off with the controller without cutting the wires. You can't see the LED on the controller because it is between your legs on the tank, but it is easily accessible there, and out of the way.

This is a photo I took for another project, but you can see the controller up on the tank:


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I had my controller mounted in the same place on my LT,,Going to work one day,Setting at a light,,When a gal in a car,lost control,going way to fast,,Hit me head on,,It pushed me into the truck behind me,,Broke the front end off,,NO cuts,No broken bones,,But the one thing I did heart was my NUTS hitting that controller,OOOO did that feel good confused.gifJust somthing to think about,,

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Thanks. Those are all good approaches. My BigMak tank bag (which I just got; its great) has an accessory for a thermostat. The thermostat is velcroed to a piece of fabric that itself has a large hook in the back of it. The large hook slides into an eyelet at the back of the tank bag. Dean

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BMW makes a kit for the GS that consists of a BMW plug, about 5' of wire, and the connectors to add it to the factory wiring behind the existing plug. I used one of these to add an outlet up near the dash. In my case (04 GT) I put it about where your glovebox is. If there's a flat surface in that area, this might work for you, too.


If you're interested, PM me and I'll try to get the part number.

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Thanks. At this point I am inclined to not add another plug, but I am still thinking about it. Dean


If you do go with another plug, Powerlet Products has all kinds of BMW-plug kits.

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.... and many of the plug parts are available from http://www.solarseller.com/low_voltage_dc_pumps__lvm__teel__accessories__plugs_and_extensions.htm for much cheaper - in particular the plug kit to electrify a tank bag and the SAE plug ends. (take that link and scroll down a few items to the plugs)


Powerlet is good stuff but their prices are a killer if you can assemble a fused lead yourself and don't need it pre-bagged and terminated.

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