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13 day ride ( long )


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Days 1-4

It all started with my semi annual pilgrimage to Torrey, you see in years past the most difficult part of the journey was the trip back to reality just when I was beginning to get into the groove. This time I thought I would take my time rolling back in and explore a bit of the pacific northwestern area. I really didn’t want to plan much after all this was a vacation of sorts for the soul and the spirit. So with no particular plan in mind Tank and I rolled onward towards the Grand Tetons. For reasons only my GPS knew we ended up on highway 39 heading east from Salt Lake. It turned out to be a really nice road, scenic at first, babbling brook and all the eventually opened up into a sweeper madness type of ride without the tar snakes. From there we headed north on hwy 191 into the Grand Tetons.

The temperatures began to drop as we climbed in elevation accompanied by a misting from the clouds above. This continued on through Jackson Hole developing into a bit of rain as we pulled into the park over by Jenny Lake. As we stopped to get of the bikes the rain stopped also. The clouds parted revealing a breathtaking skyline of frosted Tetons with just a whisping of clouds around the peaks for effect. I did my best to capture some of it with my camera but the pictures along with all the rest reveal as much of the story as the period at the end of this sentence.


Day 5

The next morning with frost in the air we broke camp and rode up thru Teton National Park into Yellow Stone. Snow was on the side of the road as we headed up through the passes. The temperatures were dropping as storm clouds began to move in. By the time we got to the cut off to Cody our main concern was ice on the roads. We decided to head for lower elevations and catch the rest of the park on another trip. This turned out to be a good decision as we came over the last pass on the way out the storm began to settle in and the snow was coming down. Things began to warm up as we crossed over into Wyoming. A big sign said, “Wyoming Known for it’s Beef and its Women, Enjoy Both”

In Cody we stopped at Emma’s and had some prime rib for lunch, umm good ….

I went to the jewelry store in the building and picked up a nice bracelet for the misses.

Then we decided to go over Chief Joseph highway We camped that night just below Yellow Stone off the Beartooth Highway.


Day 6

As we were breaking camp in the morning it began to snow. Chief Joseph highway was icing up as we road out. The snow turned into a steady rain for the rest of the day as we headed up towards Great Falls. The rain stopped when we got to a Motel 6, we decided to hang there for the night. We watched the conflicting reports on the weather channel as our gear dried out, but in the morning the sun was shining and wind was at our back.


Day 7

Great weather and excellent roads accompanied us as we rode up into Glacier National Park. Going to the sun Highway was fantastic, the views were incredible at least 1000 photos around every turn. The air was crisp and filled with spring flowers, sugar pine, fresh snow and roaring rapids. A small section of the road was closed in the middle of the park for repairs so we road in from the east as far as we could then we went around to the other side of the park and did the same from the west. Excellent roads and no traffic, hardly anyone there. I did see a black bear crossing the road about 75 feet in front of me as I came around the corner, he didn’t seem like he was in the mood to chat so I kept going.The rest of the day was excellent as we rode down highway 2 heading west we spent that night in Sand point at the Motel 6. The skies were turning and rain looked likely.


Day 8

Out of Sandpoint we decided to head south instead of west, the big weekend was approaching and the idea of being stuck behind 56 motor homes heading down the Pacific Coast did not sound good. So highway 200 to 93 to 75 and we were in Sawtooth National park by the Salmon River to camp for the night. Canadian geese were moving in already and having a few quite vigorous discussions about who was sleeping where though out the night. The stars were out and the sound of the river gently rolling by the camp was a nice harmony to their soundtrack.


Day 9

Out of Sawtooth it was highway 21, watch out for rocks in the road !, to highway 55 to 95 to 71 through Hells Canyon into the town of Joseph. Had an excellent dinner at a coffee house / restaurant named the Calderas. Spent the night at the Indian Lodge Motel, nice folks in that town. I really like this place, I thought to myself as I had my nightly 3-5 shots of tequila and smoked my nightly cigar.


Day 10

Highway 82 to 244 to 395 with a loop through Kimberly and down 19 to Sheep Rock, John Day Fossil beds. Stopped there to look around a bit and stretch while Tank cooked up another excellent cup of coffee, thanks again !!! Then on 26 to 395 to the Christmas Valley cutoff around Summer Lake on 31 to the secret camping spot.


Day 11

Left Summer Lake area that morning 31 to 395 to 140 to the 5 then down to 96 to 299 out to Eureka. Beautiful ride and roads all the way. I could have spent weeks riding just in that area alone. We ended up at the Samoa Cook House for a final breaking of bread. The food was great home cooking style stuff, no menu you just sit down and they feed you, quite well I might add. After dinner Tank and I headed off in different directions, Tank back to Brookings and I south through the Avenue of the Giants towards Middletown over by Calistoga. I got to my brothers house about 11:30pm had my 2nd to the last cigar and about 4 shots of tequila before I went to bed.


Day 12

Got up had coffee with my brother then rode over the hill to Calistoga then down through the Napa Valley along the Silverado Trail. I stopped over in Napa to have lunch with my sister and then off towards Big Sur via the Golden Gate bridge. The traffic was light I hit it at the right time. I set up camp in Big Sur, had an excellent meal, though pricey, of Salmon at the camp restaurant bought some firewood, caramel corn lit up my campfire and my last cigar. 12 cigars in 13 days & 2 bottles of tequila, I think I gave away about 4-5 shot over the 2 weeks. (lush) I contemplated the trip and all the nice folks I met, the campfire, the last of the tequila and the fine cigar I was smoking under the stars with the giant redwoods for company and all was well with the universe.


Day 13

Slabbed it home, made it back to LA before traffic. Still trying to adjust to the work thing after being off for a couple of weeks. Excellent trip with and excellent host.


Tank’s back yard is filled with some wonderful riding it could take years to explore it all.

It’s definitely worth a couple more trips.


Now that my post is done I can go wash the bugs off the bike grin.gif





View Pictures at:



5554 miles, Thank you Again Tank, Nice Ride wave.gif

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Awesome Roy!!! Just awesome!


Fixed your picture link for ya: Pictures


A much nicer road than the one that would have brought you past our abode for sure!!!


Looking forward to seeing you soon, or at least Fall Torrey! wave.gifwave.gif







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Thanks Phil.

We were just kinda going where the wind took us.

I'll have to make it up there and see you all next time thumbsup.gif

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