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Clutch - what clutch ?


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My '98 1100RT was in fact made in Oct '97. Not any cause for concern whatsoever, unless you need to replace the clutch plate !

There was apparently a change made to a thicker plate, necessitating replacement of the pressure plates also

around this production date I believe. (mucho $$$)


Hopefully you part number gurus can sort this out for me.

The disc that came out of the bike was # 21212325351, which apparently supercedes to 21212325352 ?

I was sold # 21217670453, which is apparently superceded from 21212355862?

I'd rather not replace the pressure plates as there is nothing wrong with them.


I'd appreciate some help here - my dealer seems just as confused as I am !!


The clutch slips now, so something's not right here.

I wonder what the difference is between these plates ?

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I have a copy of the BMW service bulletin for that issue, I'll email it to you. The production change was made in December 1997 so... that might explain your problem. The new clutch disk is slightly thinner and cannot be used with the old pressure plate. Unfortunately AFAIK the original clutch disk is no longer available.

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You are right again Seth.

This has all come back to a fairly simple (but expensive)story that I'm sure I read somewhere here. That being that the older RT's need an entire clutch kit if it still has the original clutch because the old parts are not available and the new (and only one available) disc is not compatible with the old pressure plates.

That part # is 21212325876 and will run close to $400. I was sold the disc that is in this kit (21217670453) because it is the only part now available.

My dealer and I share equal fault for not doing the research on this, although they should had a red flag pop up- this was my first time - but they are going to take my disc back when I get the kit.


My advice to all is to give them the VIN code and let them work through it. I would have saved a bunch of down time if i'd known this the first time around, or the dealer had questioned things.


AARGH - Frustrating !! confused.giffrown.gifdopeslap.gif

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If in doubt, cross check your parts against your VIN here.


Nothing's fullproof, because BMW is not entirely consistent. My late 2001 R1100 RT-P uses the LBBS (Brass screws in the throttle bodies) from the 2002 R1150, but this is not reflected even in BMW records. I wouldn't have picked this up unless another forum member published the fact after he ran into it.


I bit the bullet and bought the entire clutch kit. (Btw: the clutch kit does not included the bolts and washers; don't forget to order them.) I'd rather pay a few extra bucks and ensure that the clutch works flawlessly OEM than have to pull the bike apart again.


To each his own, though. My used pressure plates show very little wear in 57K miles. But there is some "feathered" wear. In a pinch, I think the plates could be resurfaced a bit with sand paper on a marble surface, and reused. But why risk the hassle?

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According to a bulletin Seth sent me ( #2818 ) the disc and pressure plate are the only parts needed, assuming everything else is in good shape. This saves $170 over the "kit" price.

Clutch disc 21212325862 $150

Pressure plate 21212325863 $76


(Kit 21212325876 $395)


Cheaper yet from Chicago BMW, but I've heard one must wait a while for those guys to deliver.

If your diaphragm spring and inner pressure plate are good, this is the way to go folks !


Thanks for the info Seth !

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I will be using that disc Seth. I only meant to inform others of what they can use in preference to using the expensive kit.

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