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Mid-Course Thanks to All

Wild Bill

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Well guys just want to thank the founders, maintainers, and participants of this great site.


6 years ago when I bought my 02 1150rt I was sure that it was a first and last event for me…. My first BMW and my last motorcycle that I would ever need. As we all know, the RT is a magnificent piece of refined machinery. Having a prior 20 year association with a Triumph and a Sportster I was sure that my 02 was the best bike ever built. And you know, I still think so. But I was haf right!


I have learned so much from this site. I truly enjoy riding and working on my RT. Like most, I started out doing oil changes, moved up to final drive and transmission fluid changes, fuel filter changes, and then ABS Brake Bleeds. I even pulled off the heads and had SJ dual plug them. Fortunately I did not have to do the spline or the final drive, I guess I got a good one.


I don’t make it to many rallys, but I did enjoy a couple, the very first Mayhem (Marty was there too) and a couple UnRallys. I guess I’m a little stealthy. But I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of them and the comradeship of this group.


I have traded my trusted stead for a K1200r Sport, I did see a K section on this site?? so I guess I’ll still be welcome. I’m going to try to make the Un this fall in Fayetteville WVa and get back in the loop.. I guess I’ll have to change my avatar soon!


I have been checking all the K bike sites and none can compare to this one for layout, specific bike information, technical expertise, friendliness, rally information, and usefulness! As some one posted it is just addicting!


Bill Kurz

Urbanna, Va.

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Hi Bill,

Congratulations on the new bike,come on over to the UN and maybe we will get an chance to try it out On CR-1 grin.gif

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Be sure and check out the i-BMW site. That forum is to the K bikes what this forum is to the R and sport touring bikes.


And congrats on the new K! Just remember - they go from zero-to-felony in just under 3.5 seconds! wink.gif

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Hi Bill, and welcome.


Here's another good K-bike forum:http://www.k-bikes.com/forums/.


Enjoy and ride safe,



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