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purchase between 1999 r1100rt and 2004 r1150rt ? advice?

Jerry L.

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I would like advice on which bike might be the better choice, or maybe it doesn't matter. The 2 bikes: 1999 r1100rt 22k miles dealer asking $6950.00, 2004 r1150rtl 40k miles dealer asking $11,495. Both up to date on service. I'm looking for a bike with better weather protection and for 2 up riding, I have an r1100s now.


Any thoughts on which might be a better deal as far as performance and cost to maintain?


thanks for the info

Jerry smirk.gif

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I had a '99 and so I'm biased ...


But I like the earlier styling on the 1100s, the simpler non-linked, non-assisted ABS brakes and the 5 spd vs. the 6 spd. General maintenance is about the same between the two. IMHO performace is about the same too, but I'm sure 1150 owners will feel just the opposite grin.gif


Bottom line - for me, hard to justify $4500 diff ... that buys an awful lot of gas, insurance and farkles for a bike that is essentially the same in fun/miles ... thumbsup.gif

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Bottom line - for me, hard to justify $4500 diff ... that buys an awful lot of gas, insurance and farkles for a bike that is essentially the same in fun/miles ...
$4500 less, and half the mileage too (along with the better brakes wink.gif)


If you plan to sell again quickly then some of the $4500 extra would come back in resale value, but if you plan on keeping the bike a long time them you won't even get that. I am also biased but I think the best overall value here is clearly the 1100.

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Almost even ignoring the differences between the two series, in this particular 'contest' the 1100 is the clear winner. $11,495 is WAY too much for the 1150 IMHO. Go for the 1100. Which is also a bit overpriced IMHO, but not as bad as the 1150.


And this is coming from a guy who clearly likes the R1150RT as a bike better!

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Go for the cheaper of the two. I bought a 2004 with only 5300 miles on it out the door for $10,000 and it was loaded. thumbsup.gif

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I vote for the '98. You will love how simple it is to bleed the brakes annually. You can upgrade the lighting system with HID or an European Osram Sylvania H4 bulb with an eastern beaver relay harness to avoid voltage drop to the headlamp. Plus, you will have enough money left over to modify the bike the way you want it, along with motorcycle gear, more parts, GPS, etc. smile.gif

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I’ve owned both (2000 R1100RT and 2004 R1150RT). I’d recommend the R1100RT. Here’s why:


1. No servo assisted brakes on the 1100. Both the 1100 and 1150 are ABS, but with the 1100, it was so much easier for me to make nice, smooth, controlled stops. The brakes are too sensitive at low speed on the 1150 IMHO.


2. I don’t mind that the brakes are linked on the 1150. I just wish they were partially linked so application of the rear brake doesn’t activate the front brake, too. No linked brakes on the 1100. You are in complete control in that department.


3. The 6th gear on the 1150 is WAY OVERRATED. After riding both bikes, I actually prefer the 5 speed transmission of the 1100. Seems to me, BMW didn’t quite get the ratios right on the 6 speed. 6th gear is very tall and the only place I’ve found it especially useful was out on I-10 west of San Antonio where the speed limit is 80 mph nearly to El Paso. The rest of the time, I’m struggling to keep the bike under 80 in 6th. I liked the 5 speed 1100 tranny better. It felt more like the LT as far as the ratios and cruising rpms. On my LT, 70 mph was 3800 rpms. On the 1100, same.


Now, why did I trade the 1100 for the 1150?


1. I wanted the twin spark ‘04 engine. This is really what I was after more than everything else combined. Didn’t care about the extra CCs, but my 1100 was afflicted was a surging problem (in the 3500-4000 range) and that irritated me.


2. PTTR. My bike had a mild tendency to pull to the right. Some do, some don’t. Wasn’t bad, but it was there. Minor issue.


3. I liked the 5 spoke design of the 1150 wheels over the 3 spoke design on the 1100. Again minor thing but a plus for the 1150.


4. The headlight elevation adjustment was located on right side of the dash panel (as it was on my LT) not buried under the front fairing. Another minor plus for the 1150.


If I could have the ’04 1150RT with the brakes and transmission of the 1100RT, I’d have my perfect bike. In lieu of that, I’d choose the R1100RT to have its brakes and transmission, and give up the twin spark engine, especially if the 1100RT in question rides straight and doesn’t surge noticeably. If you possibly can, take a test ride to determine these things.


You will not be getting $4500 more bike with the R1150RT, I assure you. FYI, I bought my R1100RT for $6800 and sold it for $7200. It would not surpise me to see you get a much better return of your investment on resale for the older 1100RT than you will for the newer '04 1150RT. I think you will proportionately lose much more in depreciation on the 1150RT compared to the 1100RT.


Anyway, that’s my take on it.



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The 1100.

Negotiate the price.

Plan on mounting some driving lights to compensate for the lousy headlight.






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Thanks everyone you have helped a lot. I am glad I asked since the responses are not what I was expecting. I will take a very close look at the r1100rt. Up here in northern NY its been in the high 30's low 40's up until last week when I leave for work and that was getting pretty old. I think the RT may help my morning mood smirk.gif

thanks again


ride safe everybody!

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