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Going home today!!!!And my deepsesst thanks...


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MY labs all came back clean today so I don't have to to a hospittal to hospital transfter....I get to go home and have surgery next week in Bakersfield. clap.gifclap.gifclap.gifclap.gif


On a more importatnt note..thanks so much everybody for supporting Patti and for pointing out to me what a wonderful lady she is.


Anoher big thank you goes out to mike at Beemerboneyard.


I am not going to be riding for 6-8 weeks but I am buying back my bike as salvage from the insurance comapany and Mike is goig to help me get all the rebuild parts...


So you guys all Rock


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On a side note I just noticed your avatar is NOT you holding a lightsaber. I guess my geek mind made an automatic assumption.



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Hallalujah and praise whatever higher power you personally subscribe to thumbsup.gif


Man that is good to hear. You have been in my thoughts every day since I heard about your crash.

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WOW! awesome news!!! clap.gifclap.gifclap.gifclap.gifclap.gif


have a safe trip home, and a huge congratulations! you've both worked so hard in the last two weeks! (i think it's time to give Patti a bit of a rest now, don'tcha think?! lmao.gif maybe going "home" to the hospital would have been a good thing! dopeslap.gif)

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Excellent......and yes, you do owe the wife big time....


Hope the rest of your recovery goes as smoothly!

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Time to go home an enjoy the "pleasures of the harbor" -- then start the physical part of physical therapy! dopeslap.gif


Thanks for the GREAT news! thumbsup.gif

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Wonderful news!!!! clap.gifthumbsup.gifclap.gifthumbsup.gifclap.gif


Happy for you both!!


Patti, you're a very special person; thanks for keeping us posted.

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Great news! Best wishes for a full recovery and hope the bike rebuild goes well. I offer my profound respect and admiration to your wife as well.


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Great News! Glad that you are able to head home. I hope you have a speedy recovery after surgery and can start putting the bike back together. thumbsup.gif

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Cameron: Great to hear. Thank God, and Patti and your doctors for the "good result".


As it happens, it looks like you may be riding again before I (i.e. I've had my own little non-M/C accident). I will follow-up with a private IM. In any case, it'll be good for you to be recovering at home. grin.gif


Looks like it'll be time for some TechDaze at Cameron's soon.


- Scott

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Leo Schamblin


Although we have never met, I have been following your progress with great interest. It is great news that you are to be released and able to come home. If there is anything I can do for you and Patti let me know.


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