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How rude of me!

I've posted several times but failed to introduce myself.


My name is Glenn, I'm just south of Madison, WI and I've owned my '99RT for almost 2 weeks now.

My former ride was/is an '80 Honda 900 Custom. I bought it brand new and it has never been on it's side.

I've always ridden my Honda naked (the bike that is) and decided that it's time to stop fighting the wind. I felt pretty whipped getting off the bike after a 300 or 400 mile ride.

Thanks to the influence of a few close friends at Beemer Hill (In the heart of the Kettle Moraine and minutes from this years national event) I was steered to BMW.

In a nutshell.....I love my RT. LOVE IT!!!!!

I hope that you will be patient with me if I ask a stupid question or two (Kinda like how do I get the fuel tank FULL without being able to see into the tank?).

That said, I hope to meet some of you at the national event or maybe on the road.




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Welcome Glenn,

Won't be at the MOA this year but will be at the

UNRally in Sept. Hope to see you there. Start thinking

about Torrey next May. thumbsup.gif

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Welcome, Glenn. Can I have some of what your avatar is drinking? lmao.gif


Don't worry, there are no stupid questions (I already asked them all when I joined this board 7 years ago). Nothing here but great people, tons of help, friendly attitudes and awesome rides. You'll love it.

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Don't worry, there are no stupid questions...

...however, Mr Edmonds will point out the existence of certain people. grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif

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