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Making your own thumb screw for the 2610 Garmin

Jerry Johnston

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Jerry Johnston

I’ve included the different approaches I’ve taken. First made the special key fit on a key chain so it would be easy to find, but I always worried about losing the cap. Next I took a knurled knob from a computer case (tried several different ones). I had to put it in my milling lath (no feed screw) and file down the existing thread. I then used a die 3 x 0.5 to rethread the screw. First one was ok so I tried another and it turned out better. On a roll I tried one more and it broke off in the die. Now I had the problem of clearing the die of the broken piece – not an easy task with something so small. I drilled it out and thought I was in good shape but discovered the drill also removed the threads to one side of the die (cheap set). Went to Ace hardware to buy a new die and found they don’t carry them in metric in 3x 0.5. OK different approach – for those of you who don’t own a lath you’ll like this approach. Ace had a small black Plastic with brass insert knob for an overpriced $2.40 and a hardened ¾” long 3 x 0.5 screw for $0.43. I brought the pieces home, put some glue in the knob hole and cross threaded my hardened screw into the knob. The screw seated well (it’s easy to cross thread a hard screw into brass esp. when it’s such a small size. Let it sit for a couple of minutes and checked – it wasn’t coming out. I then took a dremel and cut the head of the screw off and ended up with what you see in the picture.

If you’re wondering how to get the old screw out of the GPS, I used a small knife blade to put upward pressure on it and unscrewed it from the unit.

I don’t particularly like the knob sticking up but it sure makes it easier to remove the GPS so I can put it in the side box when I stop to eat or motel.





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