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Slick Saddle


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I have a leather after market saddle on my 12RT. I've followed the maker's directions and used a leather preservative/treatment on it. It has gotten very slick, so much so that I find myself moving around on it when I don't want to be. The passenger saddle is even worse which makes for some interesting two-up riding.


Anyone have any ideas as to how to de-slicken the saddles without damaging the leather? I've tried soapy water, different leather treatments etc. with no solution.

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Saddle soap is an excellent product to remove unwanted oils and dirt without drying the leather.

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This might depend a little bit on your gear. I have a Bill Mayer leather saddle on my RT. If I wear my Rev'It pants, I'm very solid. If I wear my Aerostich Roadcrafter, I slide all over the place. It all depends on the choice of fabric, I guess.

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Had the same problem on a Cee Baileys. Look for a shoe waterproofing product called "sno seal". I think one of the ingredients is beeswax. Wipe it in and buff it off and there is a residual stickyness that holds you in place. Reapply as needed.

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Silver Surfer/AKAButters

Zymol, or prolly any other, leather cleaner will unslicken it.

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